A Generous World!

When the copters were

swarming the Gazans

and stinging the infants

and childs and women

and all who were living,

with the poisonous

bullets and rockets,

a Shiekh in Qatar,

(not very far)

was standing on

a carpet, red

(like blood of the innocents)

handing a trophy of gold,

(sculptured as an Eagle

like an Israeli drone)

to the winner of the

Qatar Open Tennis.

I, the sports enthusiast

couldn’t decide

which game to watch,

which one to ignore

for both were spectacles

of the same generosity;

of the Arab Shiekh,

and that of the world

giving the Israel

so much of space

to kill those

of a certain faith.


18 thoughts on “A Generous World!

  1. The bare truth written so well…no words to express the sensitivity of the situation and u have reflected it so well by your thoughts…keep plodding aadil…like to read more..bless you.

  2. Ayesha

    Well written! When you said golden trophy I thought that Shiekh was present in the Golden Globe Awards 😯

    That’s the irony! The Arab world has maintained irritating silence over the Gaza issue. And I think the situation would remain the same in the coming days. Though who knows they might be secretly providing Hamas with arms and weapons.

  3. @Aarzoo .. yes, sad sad truth 😦 Thanks for the comment!

    @Ayesha .. Golden Globe Awards?? not aware bout it .. To me, the Arab leaders are totally gutless to stand by what is right and they are miserably failing in the test of their characters. The Israel’s benefiting from the situation as it knows that the world especially the Arab world’s conscience is long dead. May Allah have mercy upon us!

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  5. bmk

    Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. Very nice, Opti. man!

    Arabs better don’t give weapons to Hamas which they are not doing so as well. They just need to know the true nature of western world. Arabs to me are the postiest nation following by Us.

  6. @bmk .. Thanks! I guess the Arabs do know the Western world very well hence they’re addicted to their lifestyles 😉 They invite their players to entertain them, and pay their armies to defend them. To cut the long story short, they enjoy to the core courtesy their oil sprouting fields which without the help of the west couldn’t have been purified and soled for their merry-making.
    Its our misunderstanding of the West that is bringing our downfall! 😦 Isn’t it:?:

    @Daanish .. Thanks dude! Welcome to my blog! 🙂

  7. Cavaliere

    I liked this part the most:

    “I, the sports enthusiast

    couldn’t decide

    which game to watch,

    which one to ignore”

    The way you’ve written it requires real talent.Very well done ! 🙂

    (Btw, I read your email yesterday and I’ll be replying to it tomorrow.I am having a tough time here…I hope you’ll understand)

  8. Asma Ahsan

    Most countries dont want to interfere in the political issues of other countries.

    Whats happening in Pakistan and India, Israeal and Palestine, and other similar situations in the world is all due to political reasons – they seek political power over each other – using religion is an excuse to validate their actions only.

    I am sure many hindus and muslims in Kashmir, jews and Muslims in Israeal, or even Pakistani and Indians(hindu or muslim) get along fine on a grassroot social level with each other on a day to day basis.

    Since its all political, many countries hesitate to interfere.

  9. “a Shiekh in Qatar,
    (not very far)
    was standing on
    a carpet, red
    (like blood of the innocents)
    handing a trophy of gold,
    (sculptured as an Eagle
    like an Israeli drone)”

    Well said. I cursed them for being coward and selfish.

  10. @Cavaliere .. Thank you 🙂 Will wait for your email.

    @farhan .. Thanks man! Am glad you’ve become regular 🙂

    @Asma jee .. Yes, you’re right to term it a political issue but what I wanted to emphasize was the humanitarian aspect of the situation plus the sacredness of the area for the Muslims of the world; the way they are losing their first Qibla. When a country as far as Venezuela could expel the Israeli ambassador, why can’t our Arab leaders utter anything to stand by their brothers and sisters in ethnicity and faith?

    @liyananaznim .. Hey liyana! You’re feeling quite natural as their stand, or lack of it, on the issue is very disappointing. Thanks for visiting after so much of time! 🙂

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