Bulleted, Blown And Bulldozed..

Isn’t it a shame, the criminal silence of the Muslim leaders in general andcartoon1 those heading the Arab states in particular, over the merciless massacre of the Palestinians by the Israeli goons?
Whats the role of the sterile Arab League or that of the sheepish O.I.C?
What does the UN security Council do apart from scanning the Muslim countries for the so-called terrorists?

Let’s find the answers while seeing the Palestinian infants, children, women and youth being bulleted, blown and bulldozed by the Isreali Army.

Photo courtesy http://www.frontierpost.com.pk


10 thoughts on “Bulleted, Blown And Bulldozed..

  1. @neilina .. yes of course, of everyone but since our Holy Prophet Mohammad (S.A.W) termed the Muslim Ummah to be a body, every part of which should feel the pain if any of its part is in pain; I’ve clueless to describe such insensitivity on their part. The Arabs in particular who’ve all the means (oil included) to pressurize the West and in turn Israel to help stop these atrocities. Bust alas!

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  3. Ayesha

    The silence is pathetic! And it’s not only this time we’ve witnessed it so many times that Arab League and OIC both are ineffective organizations. Like UN these two organizations are also in complete US grip. So I never expect anything positive from them.

  4. bmk

    wonder what a common person should do in this regard? I could see PTI folks on the MALL LHR on saturday, collecting funds for the victims relief. Let me assure that the leaders are going to do nothing. Actually, its a human nature that one feels only (in best possible way) when he goes through something, himself. inn cheezon ka asar unn tak kam hee pahunchta hay…

    BTW, I also don’t support the rockets being fired by Hamas. Not that I don’t want action against Israel BUT at this TIME. Its going to worsen the case only.

    Its very saddening to see the innocent families, suffering…

  5. Cavaliere

    The UN, OIC, etc. wont do anything…because they can’t.There’s a very simple explanation for all that is happening to the Muslims around the world — Palestine, Kashmir, Iraq, Afghanistan — in one of Iqbal’s verses:
    ” Hai jurm-e-za’yifi ki saza marg-e-mafajaat”
    We grew weak….we deserve the treatment — sad but true!

  6. Asalam-o-Alikum

    Hello….. Aadil really amazing! aadi it is true that all non-religious counties are doing with us any thing wrong because of our deeds. As a Muslims we have to show faith and unity if we want to survive in this world.

    I fully agreed with cavaliere, that we deserve the treatment—–

  7. @Ayesha .. you’re quite right .. one shouldn’t expect anything positive from them 😦
    @bmk .. a common man at least could try and raise his voice to condemn what is wrong. Its really heart-wrenching whats going on!
    @Cavaliere .. an apt description of the situation .. we deserve it perhaps but not the children the Palestinians who’re bearing the brunt. Let’s pray for a Divine Justice!
    @Qaiser .. the oppression of muslims throughout the world ought not to be taken solely in a religious perspective. There are numerous other reasons like oil, and other natural resources which the bigger power try to manipulate. Yes, with a united stand we can surely diminish its effects to quite huge proportions.

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