2008-A Blogging Context

The year 2008 will soon be drifted in to the oblivion with the emergence of the dawn of 2009 less than 40 hours from now. Unlike the last quarter of 2006 and the whole of 2007, the departing year added a lot to my blogging experience, spanning well over two years, notwithstanding the number of hits I received.

Personal Meet Ups:

A Call By Raza Rumi: I had always been an admirer of the man for his scholarly writings and his blogging genius. And I was very fortunate to be called for a personal meeting by sir Raza when he was on a trip to the federal capital back in February I guess. It was a rainy evening when I met the inspirational figure who once topped the Central Superior Services Exam in Pakistan. It also was my first ever meeting with someone I knew from the virtual world and that was one awesome experience, I must say! We spoke on a number of issues pertaining mostly to my personal life where I got some valuable motivation. Sir Raza showed me a draft of a poem that he wrote on the sad demise of Benzair Bhutto and I in turn read him one of mine on the same topic theme. It was a meeting to be remembered for one doesn’t always get to meet someone one follows.

Dinner with Azure And Goonga: In April I guess (I wish I could come up with precise dates) I and Rashid a.k.a Goonga (A chowk fellow turned real world friend) were invited by Farhan a.k.a Azure (Another brilliant chowkie who shows up quite rarely these days) for a dinner at Bolan Saltish in Blue Area. Reaching the spot, I first sighted Goonga and took him to be the host who did the same when finally the real one appeared. It was another refreshing experience under a moonlit sky. We savoured chicken saji and enjoyed soft drinks at the literal expense of Azure’s pocket, besides discussing lots of things which didn’t include at all, chowk’s female members 😉

Accompanying MZ: Murtaza’s visit to Pakistan in August proved to be very exciting for us friends as we got to walk around the isloo and visited places like Islamabad Monument and Lake View Park. He gelled quite well with goonga to make it a party, cracking hilarious jokes mostly concerning ‘us’ poor pathans who are always on the receiving side, you know 😦 .. They didn’t intend to harm me though 🙂

Telephonic Exchanges:

This year I’ve had the pleasure of talking to some very intelligent blog friends like Asim Khan a.k.a kashkin and BMK (chowk fame) 😉 In fact kashkin’s been kind enough to call me on a regular basis. I admire the man for his patriotic ambitions and the project he’s been part of, for a much needed social change in our ailing polity. To me his poetry stands out for the gems he produces every now and then, and especially the topics he chooses to pen.

Interaction With Other Inspiring Bloggers:

I came across a few other impressive bloggers whom I interacted on quite a regular basis this year. People like Asma and Nadia–my virtual sisters– 🙂 , Ayesha (a very nice friend who’s managing a wonderful blog) , shobig (another chowk buddy whose criticism does wonders when took in a positive sense) 😉 utp, Nayni, neilina, shivya, and all of those who I can’t remember write now courtesy an ill functioning brain caught in the office jumble, definitely helped me learn lots of valuable things.

Publications: I know the word is huge enough to describe a handful of my poems and translations published in 2008 online as well as in print, but the mere emergence of them in itself was intoxicating for a naive like mine. The pieces considered for online publications includes a translation of two poems of the legendary pushto poet, Rehman Baba in Pak Tea House and Pakistaniat . In print, one of my translations of a pushto poem by a prominent pushto poet Hasina Gul, published in the biannual edition of the ‘Pakistani Literature’ ;a biannual english journal of the Pakistan Academy Of Letters, besides being published quite regularly in ‘Us’, the youth magazine.

The gist of the above post of course is to remember the positives I took from the year 2008 which without my blogging activities wouldn’t have happened.

Thank you all lovely people out there! 🙂

A very happy new year to all of you! May the year 2009 be a happier one for all the humanity in general and my dear Pakistan in particular! 🙂


25 thoughts on “2008-A Blogging Context

  1. Aww, thank you so much for mentioning me, my dear brother. Looks like this year has been a good one for you here in the blogosphere 🙂

    Keep up the good work!

    Happy new year to you and your family.

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  3. shobig

    Great going Aadil! You come across as a humble person and a very talented youth. May all your dreams and aspirations achieve fulfillment in the new year and may you keep enlightening us with your exquisite thoughts and ideas. I would have loved to meet you and some, if not all, of the other people you mentioned, but had to leave Pakistan just when we were beginning to come together via chowk. I happened to meet delirium though (apart from a few other old-timer chowkies who you aren’t acquainted with in all probability), and that was a fine experience. We certainly will touch base the next time I am there. A very happy new year to you and all. May Allah bless you

  4. Asma Ahsan

    Aadi – So cute you are Bro – 😛

    thankyou for mentioning my name in there. You are my greatest support in here as well – its mutual admiration 😉

  5. bmk

    I also sent (& of course received too) so many SMSs too. bhool gayay kia? : p

    You do are one, an easy going person with, no doubt. Keep it up. (y)

  6. @nadia .. Thanx for your presence and of course for your heartfelt prayers! 🙂
    @shobig .. I might edit this post to include my meeting with Delirium a few days back. He seemed quite impressed with your serious nature off the screen as I’m not less impressed with your lighter one on the the screen 😉 Thank you! I won’t mention the talent you have for it is self explanatory. Do come back and we’ll surely arrange a meet up 🙂
    @Asma … I guess we’ve got acquainted to a level that we don’t require any mutual admiration but still not a bad thing to end the year if it can spread the love amongst us all friends. 🙂 Thanks for being me sister! 🙂
    @bmk .. Yes, I surely remembered that but you were the only one in the category I guess, hence I refrained to mention it 😉 But what about the sms’ that you didn’t answer:?: uska jawab kon day ga?
    Waisay aap nay isloo jo aana tha .. kya 2009 may mumkin hay? 🙂

  7. bmk

    my strange mehsoosment power (SMP) tell that the last 4 lines are for me. Let me guess kaunsay SMS ka response nahi diya, infact I have dropped many but purposely. : )

    mein ghalati se Pindi aa gaya tha, this weekend jab daewoo ne achanak service suspend kar di, due to fog. But you would be home then. After switching to this new place, I doubt K isslo ka chakkar lagayga, ab. a special visit needs to be arranged. Azure & I had/have a plan to travel to Abbottabad, Thandiyani etc… seems k voh bhi just plan hee rahay ga. : /

  8. Nayni

    I wish I could place you a call to get ‘that’ position in your post …:-( 😛 😉

    Thank you soooooooooooooooooooo much for placing me among the people you like to remember 🙂

  9. Thanx u sooo much Aadi, actually u r so nice, sincer and live and I realy enjoyed ur company. In those 4 to 5 days it was great to spend time with u, goonga ji and madni saheb. 🙂
    Most imprtant Aadi this year u’ve done a great job on blogsphere. I’m so happy to see ur success. May Allah grant you peace, prosperity and success. Aameen
    Thanx once again for mentioning me. 🙂

  10. @Bmk … yes that surely were intended for you .. Ah .. ab kya yaad dilaoon woh sms jo hawa ki dosh pay kahin (urdu wala gum) hogaye? 😉
    @Nayni .. I’d be glad for your name to appear in ‘that’ list, albeit in the 2010 edition 🙂 You’re welcome! 🙂
    @MZ … Yes, those were lovely times while you were around. Can’t forget the walk we had. Thanks for your kind words! 🙂 Let’s meet sometime somewhere in 2009. Best wishes to you for the new year as well! 🙂

  11. How could you forget the desiwriters incident? ok censor MP part but it was real fun until waiter asked for bill.

    Hows your friend at ikaadmi adabiyaat?

    Kashkin is very pleasant surprise, I admit.
    I wish I could catch bmk too but he is afraid of me, I tell you!
    Thanks too all of friends we met and talked.

    and THANK YOU man for having fun time in isloo… catch you soon.

    btw I still can call you somtimes from I-8 signal and ask you if your canteen is still open for a coke:D

  12. didnt know i was in your list of GOOD bloggers heheh…

    always good to hear some praise and attention….keep up the good work…good to meet up with u also in the blogosphere…

  13. bmk

    bmk being afraid of goonga! AB hona chaiye, I guess.

    but now when he is married & apna pata chal gaya hoga, so I can relax. : )

  14. @neilina .. Happy New Year To You As Well .. Thanks A Lot! 🙂
    @Goonga jee .. Ah! the desiwriters experience .. I surely will include that as well .. what an enlightening sessions those were even if it involved curves and ‘strands’ .. 😉 .. The editor sahib is beeming these days as he’s gonna publish his poetry book .. a very interesting guy indeed! 🙂
    Kashkin spoke to me a day before yesterday and we discussed your telephonic convo as well. It will a nice surprise to receive your call someday somewhere in 2009. Be happy and catch MZzz! 🙂
    @UTP .. you’re welcome man, notwithstanding the fact that you hate tags 😉
    @bmk .. he was so willing to meet you but you, the eternal elusive is impossible to caught .. 😉

  15. Shah Ji I gonna call you when I come to know how to call you from here, you know I dont use official cell for calling friends. Kashkin is real surprise how does he find time to call, I remain messy all times:(

  16. @ Goonga .. better close the topic of worries and fears 😉
    Will look forward to receive your call! 🙂 Where there is a will, there a way and kashkin does the same; time isn’t a constraint 😉

  17. Ayesha

    You have beautifully reviewed the year in blogging perspective. Thanks for mentioning me as one of the ‘inspiring bloggers’ 😛

    I truly value you as an original and talented person. May your writing flourish even more in this new year.

    Keep writing and sharing! 🙂

  18. @nadia .. Thank you sis! 🙂 Will participate in it!
    @Ayesha .. So very thanks for the feedback 🙂 I value your writings and blog even more! 🙂 I wish I could write as diversely as you do!
    Keep commenting! 🙂

  19. farhan

    Hey Aadil, I visited your blog after a long time. Thanks for remembering poor ol’ me 🙂 I’m here and there nowadays but not quite in sync with things I was in sync with before. Happy new year to you and all the bestest bests to you! Hope you keep writing and blogging and continue improving in the year ahead.

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