Todays Flower Is Only For You!

In Urdu By, Mubarak Ahmad

Translation: Aadil Omer

There grows daily

a Grey flower in my heart.

Today’s flower

is only for you!

Weather to crush it, or

tear it petal by petal!

I will pick them, one by one

in a vain effort of patching

it through my tears.

‘You are insane!’,

The thought would say,

‘Don’t waste your time and tears!’

‘Every day, just keep on

growing a Grey flower

in your heart,

and put it in a collar

or someone’s hair,

for, only a ‘gesture’ of love

is enough in friendship’.

Pleasure And Ants

In Sindhi By, Pushpa Wolbh

Translation: Aadil Omer

The dreams of achieving

a higher status have

done no wrong to you,


the tiny happy moments,

the laughter and talk,

have turned into ants

and are crushed under the feet.

Your manners,

the love and smiles,

fall on your official attire,

and sleep right

where you sleep at night.

They wake

when you greet the first person

you meet in your office.

They fall here and there,

and lose their way,

when you reach your home.


5 thoughts on “

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    1. @Ghazala khan .. Thank a lot ma’am! 🙂
      @Asma Aapi .. I guess so! To me its more of an unsure love where the concept of black and white are intermingled. Or it might be a purity of emotion without the artificiality of bright colors.
      Thanx for your comments! 🙂
      @neilina .. the complexity of associated with concept made me translate and put it here for all you people’s thoughtful interpretation. Thanx for commenting 🙂

  2. Asma Ahsan

    Thats very interesting.

    I like the concept of the grey flower – A grey flower means sorrow?
    And the tiny moments turning into ants – thats so true – Its true that we become too involved in daily life putting up a good imoression that we lose count of real happiness.

    Well done!

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