Two Random Translations

The Meteorological Department..

Original In Sindhi By : Ishaq Samejo

Translation : Aadil Omer

This time again,

The Meteorological Department

Has announced that

Current will the weather

Of our separation.

The mountains will not receive

Any lightening,

Canals will not flow,

Rivers will be dry,

And our fields will be naked

Like our children.

Thirst will rest upon our lips

And hunger will be based

In our bellies.

Our trees will be at the mercy

Of fiery winds

And the scattered bones

Of our dead animals,

Over sandy boulders,

Will emerge in the newspapers

Preventing the visits

Of foreign tourists.

The bloody vampire of death

Will dance naked in our towns.

Our ancestors, the vagrants

For generation

After generation,

Will carry their children

And move to the fertile lands

To save the lives of their youngers


You and me

Woudn’t meet

Till the advent of rainy seasons.

This time again,

The meteorological department

Has announced that

Current will the weather

Of our separation.

The Critics Know Nothing

Original In Urdu By Mubarak Ahmad

Translation By Aadil Omer

If my wife were wise

I wouldn’t be a poet.

Now let’s see it otherwise,

for, there are two angles

to look at anything.

My wife is very much wise

who made me a poet.

If I weren’t a poet,

then all the older folks

and the aged and youth

woudn’t hate Urdu poetry

English wouldn’t be garbaged,

Punjabi wouldn’t be derailed

and the traditional ghazal writers

wouldn’t flee from the ground

showing their backs.

I say, ‘It was bad.’

The youngsters say, ‘It was good.’

The critics say, ‘We don’t know

what happened.’


13 thoughts on “Two Random Translations

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  2. Asma Ahsan

    LOL – What has the poor wife got to do with him being a poet – about the other thing, the critics know nothing – hmmm… πŸ˜‰

    1. @Asma .. its related to the saying that there is a woman behind every successful man and quite a few behind every failed one .. lolls

      @Mehtab .. So very thanks πŸ™‚ Yes, I found his poetry to be quite relevant and powerful hence my translation. I translated one or two of his poems earlier as well.

  3. Mehtab

    Wao superb, Aadil Omer plz translate more Peotry of Ishaq Samejo, his peotry is impressive, and revolutionary too, thanx for such a nice posting

  4. shobig

    The first one by Ishaq Sumejo is incredible stuff. He has accumulated so many things in one simple poem; the work of a true genius. I am fan of the guy already. It’s like Jalib and Amjad came together to write this poem. And good translation too. Hope you can bring more of his work to the likes of me who are handicapped when it comes to Sindhi literature. Thumbs up mate.

    The second one is some fine sarcasm too. Liked it.

    PS. How do you know Sindhi? I thought you belonged to the NWFP?

  5. Ayesha

    The first one is simply mind blowing and very nice translation too. The second one is okay in terms of content πŸ˜›

    I like your effort of translating regional poems. Keep it up!

  6. @Asma .. yes, the second one is funny I know πŸ˜›
    @shobig .. yes, I’ve liked his poetry as well. The poem above was beautiful enough to stimulate me try and translate it. I actually come across the urdu versions of a few of his poems in ‘Adabiat’, a literary journal published by the Pakistan Acadamy Of Letters. I’ve got a few more and will try to translate and put it here for all the Ishaq Samejo lovers. You’re quite right; he truly is a genious.
    Thanx for liking the translation πŸ™‚

    @Ayesha .. Thank you .. the second one actually carries a bit of fun and its urdu version was very attractive; the translation may have reduced its charm but its a nice deviation πŸ™‚

  7. ali hussain

    new poem of ishaq samejo
    Translate from Sindhi: Ali hussain
    Tum hi Vahin Nahin

    roshnai qalam men hai
    aur haraf kitab men
    Phooldan Table per hai
    aur khushbu phool men
    tasveer album men hai
    aur sapna aankhon men
    Badal amber per hai
    aur Pani Nadya men

    Har Cheez apni apni jaga per hai
    sirf tum he vahin nahin
    jahan tumhen hona cahhiye..

  8. ali hussain

    thx a lot aadil. ye men ne kisi dost ke pas dekhi to us se likhva li thi. agar mujhe koi doosri nazam mile, to aap se share kar sakta hoon na? mujhe ye dekh kar bari khushi hui ke aap urdu ke ilava doosri zubanon ki nzamen bhi apne parhne valon se share kar rahe hen, jinhen hamare han ILAKAI ZUBAN hone ka tana diya jata hai, jab ke vohi zubanen to yahan ki asli QAUMI ZUBANEN hen aur un me likhi jane vali shairi me apni mati ki khushbu rachi basi hai, jo ke urdu shairi me kam he nazar aay gi. is dafa itna he. loves.

  9. @ Ali hussain … Yes, sure! I’ll wait for more of your translations as I totally agree to what you have said about the the importance of our languages. We have the diversity of art and culture and one ought to promote it. Liked your thoughts in this regard.

  10. Ali Hussain

    EK Taza GHAZAL


    Aisi Baten kar jate hen
    Aankh men badal Bhar jate hen

    Jate vaqt bhi Hans dete ho
    Hum Aate bhi, mar jate hen

    Khud ko tum se bandh diya hai
    chhoot na jao, Dar jate hen

    Aate hen sab kis dunia se?
    Jate hen, to Kidhar jate hen!

    Vo nenan, Jadoogar Nenan
    Dekh ke, Pathar kar jate hen!

    Aey Dil, Tanha kab hota hoon
    Mere sath safar jate hen

    Tum Guzro to Phool Gali ke
    Sare Phool Nikhar jate hen

    Apne Aap Khile, Murjhaey
    Apne Aap bikhar jate hen

    Shor o Gul ki iss dunia se
    Hum chup Chap guzar jate hen

    Rat Dhali, Aawara Galio
    Ab hum apne ghar jate hen!

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