Pride And Pain

In the heat of a battle,

a sniper never knows,

the wounds taken

but the targets floored,

as pride bandages

the agony.

When hearts collide,

a lover places pain

over ego; an untamed

ego could smother

the heat of love.


13 thoughts on “Pride And Pain

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  2. Asma Ahsan

    Shifa milli fatah ke josh se youn zakhmon ko
    shikaar youn kiya ke hosh bhi rawa na raha

    Ana ki bhaint na charh jaey kahin dil ki murad
    issi liye to dard-e-dil hamein qubool hua

  3. shobig

    Alright Aadil, i have already commented on it on chowk, and read your response, so if you allow me we can continue the discussion here…

    I figured that the second stanza reflects on a contrasting situation to the first one, and in love pain should always overpower ego, as opposed to the case of a soldier (a sniper doesn’t fight in a battle, and receives no wounds!) who is and should be driven by the prospective pride that’ll come with his triumph…but my point was that even pain shouldn’t overwhelm one in love, for it may have the same effect as ego, that is, of causing the love to fade. Pain comes naturally with love, in one form or the other, but one does not love for pain, but for joy. So if, at any stage, the pain exceeds the joy, love turns into an affliction and hence ceases to be love.

    Hope I made myself clear, which is not something I tend to do very often. 😀

  4. Now, I like this debate which of course is very interesting on your part. You sound all too logical when you compare the contrasting stanzas on the criteria of the respective ends; the end of a battle with the end in mind of a lover while in love. The ‘pain’ it seems is bringing the conflict in our take on the poem. To me the pain in love is quite natural and all positive if taken in its broadest perspective. Shedding tears on part of a lover in a divine love is always advised which exalts the stature of a lover in the corridors of ether. Even in worldly love the all painful stories of Laila Majoon, Shireen Farhad, Heer Ranjha and so forth are the very references whenever there is a talk of love. Ego, on the other end cuts the basic element of sacrifice; the pre-requisite to love. I’m in agreement with your statement that one doesn’t love for pain but for joy but what I wanted to convey in the poem was ‘the phase of love’ without having a consideration for the end.

    So very thanx, shobig, for your presence with worthy comments! 🙂
    Hope you’ll come here regularly!
    Go well!

  5. @Asma .. a very beautiful translation .. Thanx a lot 🙂
    @neilina .. Asma’s response and the subsquent detailed convo of shobig and mine should have removed the ambiguity I guess. Thanx for coming!:)

  6. Asma Ahsan

    Earlier I wrote:

    “The poet VS the scientist – interesting

    Who ever wins – Art or Science ”

    Did I just write that silly comment – hard to believe!

    i changed my mind about it – Aadi – please delete that and this one too – thanks.

  7. shobig

    Thanks for bearing with me and explaining in detail. We concur over the idea of pain subduing ego in the case of love. I just thought there were more elements involved in the case of love, which is a derivative of all of them. In any case, I thought I should make it clear that all this while I wasn’t criticizing your poem, it is well-written and is built on an interesting analogy. We were instead discussing the underlying theme, on which we perhaps differ slightly and rightfully, and I hope you appreciate that. 🙂

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