The New WordPress Dashboard ..

…with a home like icon is pretty much cool.screenshot-12 Links of all the available options are displayed on a single page and the most amazing feature is the instant posting QuickPress option with this tiny content box where I’m writing these lines write now. WordPress indeed is getting better and better for its usability and the diversity of its functions.
Thumbs up! The WordPress Team!


11 thoughts on “The New WordPress Dashboard ..

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  2. @Asma .. they surely will like your such comments! 🙂
    Thanx for visiting!

    @nadia .. yes, the reiteration of your comments conveyed the the message .. 🙂

    @Ayesha .. I saw your avater … it was an ‘alpha’ sign or something? .. I saw it yesterday I guess.

  3. LOL 😀 Please do delete one of them. The first time I hit the ‘Submit Comment’ button, my computer hung up, so I thought it didn’t get through. I was adamant to get my comment through, and so I submitted the comment again.

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