2008-A Blogging Context

The year 2008 will soon be drifted in to the oblivion with the emergence of the dawn of 2009 less than 40 hours from now. Unlike the last quarter of 2006 and the whole of 2007, the departing year added a lot to my blogging experience, spanning well over two years, notwithstanding the number of hits I received.

Personal Meet Ups:

A Call By Raza Rumi: I had always been an admirer of the man for his scholarly writings and his blogging genius. And I was very fortunate to be called for a personal meeting by sir Raza when he was on a trip to the federal capital back in February I guess. It was a rainy evening when I met the inspirational figure who once topped the Central Superior Services Exam in Pakistan. It also was my first ever meeting with someone I knew from the virtual world and that was one awesome experience, I must say! We spoke on a number of issues pertaining mostly to my personal life where I got some valuable motivation. Sir Raza showed me a draft of a poem that he wrote on the sad demise of Benzair Bhutto and I in turn read him one of mine on the same topic theme. It was a meeting to be remembered for one doesn’t always get to meet someone one follows.

Dinner with Azure And Goonga: In April I guess (I wish I could come up with precise dates) I and Rashid a.k.a Goonga (A chowk fellow turned real world friend) were invited by Farhan a.k.a Azure (Another brilliant chowkie who shows up quite rarely these days) for a dinner at Bolan Saltish in Blue Area. Reaching the spot, I first sighted Goonga and took him to be the host who did the same when finally the real one appeared. It was another refreshing experience under a moonlit sky. We savoured chicken saji and enjoyed soft drinks at the literal expense of Azure’s pocket, besides discussing lots of things which didn’t include at all, chowk’s female members πŸ˜‰

Accompanying MZ: Murtaza’s visit to Pakistan in August proved to be very exciting for us friends as we got to walk around the isloo and visited places like Islamabad Monument and Lake View Park. He gelled quite well with goonga to make it a party, cracking hilarious jokes mostly concerning ‘us’ poor pathans who are always on the receiving side, you know 😦 .. They didn’t intend to harm me though πŸ™‚

Telephonic Exchanges:

This year I’ve had the pleasure of talking to some very intelligent blog friends like Asim Khan a.k.a kashkin and BMK (chowk fame) πŸ˜‰ In fact kashkin’s been kind enough to call me on a regular basis. I admire the man for his patriotic ambitions and the project he’s been part of, for a much needed social change in our ailing polity. To me his poetry stands out for the gems he produces every now and then, and especially the topics he chooses to pen.

Interaction With Other Inspiring Bloggers:

I came across a few other impressive bloggers whom I interacted on quite a regular basis this year. People like Asma and Nadia–my virtual sisters– πŸ™‚ , Ayesha (a very nice friend who’s managing a wonderful blog) , shobig (another chowk buddy whose criticism does wonders when took in a positive sense) πŸ˜‰ utp, Nayni, neilina, shivya, and all of those who I can’t remember write now courtesy an ill functioning brain caught in the office jumble, definitely helped me learn lots of valuable things.

Publications: I know the word is huge enough to describe a handful of my poems and translations published in 2008 online as well as in print, but the mere emergence of them in itself was intoxicating for a naive like mine. The pieces considered for online publications includes a translation of two poems of the legendary pushto poet, Rehman Baba in Pak Tea House and Pakistaniat . In print, one of my translations of a pushto poem by a prominent pushto poet Hasina Gul, published in the biannual edition of the ‘Pakistani Literature’ ;a biannual english journal of the Pakistan Academy Of Letters, besides being published quite regularly in ‘Us’, the youth magazine.

The gist of the above post of course is to remember the positives I took from the year 2008 which without my blogging activities wouldn’t have happened.

Thank you all lovely people out there! πŸ™‚

A very happy new year to all of you! May the year 2009 be a happier one for all the humanity in general and my dear Pakistan in particular! πŸ™‚

It surely encourages ..

Its always encouraging to see one’s name in print against something and that too in a leading youth magazine like Us.

This time around, it helped me boast a bit, in front of an eternally unimpressed family members who surprisingly encouraged me too to continue with the ‘non-sense’ I write on and off, as they said. 😦

Todays Flower Is Only For You!

In Urdu By, Mubarak Ahmad

Translation: Aadil Omer

There grows daily

a Grey flower in my heart.

Today’s flower

is only for you!

Weather to crush it, or

tear it petal by petal!

I will pick them, one by one

in a vain effort of patching

it through my tears.

‘You are insane!’,

The thought would say,

‘Don’t waste your time and tears!’

‘Every day, just keep on

growing a Grey flower

in your heart,

and put it in a collar

or someone’s hair,

for, only a ‘gesture’ of love

is enough in friendship’.

Pleasure And Ants

In Sindhi By, Pushpa Wolbh

Translation: Aadil Omer

The dreams of achieving

a higher status have

done no wrong to you,


the tiny happy moments,

the laughter and talk,

have turned into ants

and are crushed under the feet.

Your manners,

the love and smiles,

fall on your official attire,

and sleep right

where you sleep at night.

They wake

when you greet the first person

you meet in your office.

They fall here and there,

and lose their way,

when you reach your home.


Ayesha tagged me for the game detailed as under;



1. What is your name: Aadil
2. A 4 Letter word: Ache
3. A Boys Name: Asad
4. A Girls Name: Amna
5. An Occupation: Alchemist
6. A Color: Aliceblue
7. Something you wear: Armani jeans
8. A Beverage: Anar ka juice 😎
9. A Food: Achar Gosht
10. Something found in the bathroom: After Shave
11. A place: Ahmad Abad
12. A Reason for being late: Actually none πŸ˜‰
13. Something you shout: Ah-mazing!

Now the task is handed to Rashid and MZ and all who’d like to participate and reveal their answers. πŸ™‚

Two Random Translations

The Meteorological Department..

Original In Sindhi By : Ishaq Samejo

Translation : Aadil Omer

This time again,

The Meteorological Department

Has announced that

Current will the weather

Of our separation.

The mountains will not receive

Any lightening,

Canals will not flow,

Rivers will be dry,

And our fields will be naked

Like our children.

Thirst will rest upon our lips

And hunger will be based

In our bellies.

Our trees will be at the mercy

Of fiery winds

And the scattered bones

Of our dead animals,

Over sandy boulders,

Will emerge in the newspapers

Preventing the visits

Of foreign tourists.

The bloody vampire of death

Will dance naked in our towns.

Our ancestors, the vagrants

For generation

After generation,

Will carry their children

And move to the fertile lands

To save the lives of their youngers


You and me

Woudn’t meet

Till the advent of rainy seasons.

This time again,

The meteorological department

Has announced that

Current will the weather

Of our separation.

The Critics Know Nothing

Original In Urdu By Mubarak Ahmad

Translation By Aadil Omer

If my wife were wise

I wouldn’t be a poet.

Now let’s see it otherwise,

for, there are two angles

to look at anything.

My wife is very much wise

who made me a poet.

If I weren’t a poet,

then all the older folks

and the aged and youth

woudn’t hate Urdu poetry

English wouldn’t be garbaged,

Punjabi wouldn’t be derailed

and the traditional ghazal writers

wouldn’t flee from the ground

showing their backs.

I say, ‘It was bad.’

The youngsters say, ‘It was good.’

The critics say, ‘We don’t know

what happened.’

I knew instantly ..

Asma invited me to follow this prompt at sundayscriblings which I did, hence the lines below;

I knew instantly that

your eyes like search lights

were probing the fear

based in the crevices

of my charcoaled heart,

running in my burning veins.

I couldn’t gaze back at you,

fearing a mix of coal with gold

could dilute your milky soul.

I couldn’t hold your hand

for the sole fear of losing you.

The New WordPress Dashboard ..

…with a home like icon is pretty much cool.screenshot-12 Links of all the available options are displayed on a single page and the most amazing feature is the instant posting QuickPress option with this tiny content box where I’m writing these lines write now. WordPress indeed is getting better and better for its usability and the diversity of its functions.
Thumbs up! The WordPress Team!