Volcanic Pain

It cannot be tamed;
the pain of love.

Subdued, it may seem
for whiles in between
the volcanic eruptions.

And the raging streaks
of lava flow down the cheeks
of a lover, tracing burning lines,
to soothe.

A heart in a volcanic range
could only treasure the pain–
which flames a dying love.


16 thoughts on “Volcanic Pain

  1. Ayesha

    That is very intense Aadil! Wonderfully written and a very good use of metaphors…. volcano and pain, lava and tears. Great work!

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  3. @ Goonga jee .. thank you! you better lower your eyebrows coz it gives me a weird look of yours 😆
    Your tajarba is quite kamyab and the verse reminded me of a famous ghazal I can’t recall this time .. 🙂

  4. Asma

    Pain and love
    holding hands
    two strangers in a boat
    travelling in the waters of time
    brought together by chance
    the day a heart decided to fall for another…

  5. @Asma .. but the lovers still crave for that sweet pain …
    Allama Iqbal says .. mar dala hay meri aatish-nawa-ee nay mujhay,
    aur meri zindagani ka yehi sama’n bhi hay</i.

  6. My heart trembles when I read something about dying love.
    Hey, everything is fine at your end….No volcanic eruptions na, waise I can’t see your eyes behind these dark spec 😉

  7. @Hina .. Thank you so much! I’m glad you liked it! Thanks for visiting my bog! 🙂

    @nadia .. yes .. wherever there is fire, there is intensity 🙂 ..
    Thanks for commenting!

  8. captureuniverse


    well…. Pain gets sweeter with time but it aches more and more till it converts into oxygen for the lover, the day pain ends; he meets his last destiny. the crash of life……….

    There is never ever happily ever and after….. there is always a heart wrenching which hurts more than everything and anything….

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