Offsprings Of A Shattered Dream

Searching the rubble

Of my ravaged heart

I found out shards

Of dreams, broken,

Scattered out of

The niches I carved

Over a toil of eternity.

The winds of reality

Snuffed the flickers

Of my youthful hopes.

Yet, I stubbornly grope

For the pieces to re-collect,

And nurture a host

Of younger hopes,

Produced with the shattering

Of a single dream.

Things I want to happen …

I know realistically they aren’t going to materialize through mere wishes but there is no harm reminding them. Things I wanna happen soon are;

1) A change of job. (The present one is killing me for its monotony. There’s nothing new to learn and nothing much to earn for that matter 😦 ,)

2) A change in our governmental policy on terrorism. (Enough of forcefull measures to curb millitancy. The country is virtually on the brink of collapse. We don’t wanna lose Pakistan to the US conspiracies through a few morons at the helm)

3) The clarity of my mind to write frequent, fluent and effective stuff. (Writing better researched stuff to highlight societal ills for the sake of awaring the masses is what I’ve always craved but never really came up with)

4) To make my mother proud. (I can’t even imagine how difficultly she managed to raise us. The expectations to do well in our lives must be very high but I’ve done nothing of sorts to show her for the realization of her dreams)

5). To do something substantial for my people and my country. (I know my limitations yet being a firm believer in the abilities of the youth to lift the name of Pakistan, I too wanna be counted as one of them; the ones who could change Pakistan for better)

Love; In A Fix

Cutting the wings

of my imagination,

triumphant you seem

in holding my dreams.

Your victory will be a pyrric one

for I can’t afford to succumb

my love to a single mortal being,

but to the Eternal; the Unseen.

Loosen your grip of my heart.

Let me roam like a bird, and

I’ll bring you love from the streams

flowing there in the other extreme.

My sources of pleasure!

This ‘tagging’ thing is very much ‘In’ in the blogsphere these days. Our fellow blogger Ayesha was tagged to describe at least three things that please her. After an impressive description of hers, she handed me the task to reveal mine.

While I do like gadgets for serving the purpose of our necessity, it can’t match the bliss I take in;

1) The Company Of My Little Nieces: Maheen 4, Abeera 2, and Zunaira 2 are what innocence and joy are all about. I’m happy when Maheen calls me ‘edil mamoo janoo‘ , she pronounces my name starting with E which sounds cute when she utters it. Abeera is very quick in learning new words. She replies ‘Delly’ when asked about what should I buy her. She of course means ‘Jelly’. And Zunaira .. she must be the most shy child of this world. She cannot stare me in eyes always burying her head in my lap.

2) Reading: I have always craved to be an avid reader but I haven’t been, courtesy a plethora of reasons with the most obvious being my lack of reading concentration, yet I take pleasure in reading albeit in shorter whiles. Reading poetry is more intoxicating to me for poetic words stir something in my soul for good. I don’t wanna mention a particular book here coz different writers with a variety of flavors have pleased me over the years. I’m a reverer of greats like Rumi, Rehman Baba, Khalil Gibran, Ghalib, Iqbal, Faiz, Faraz, Mohsin Naqvi and Amjad but am more interested these days in reading Pakistani english poets for they blend Pakistaniat in a universal language.

3) Cricket: It might seem an abberration to some but cricket has made me happy, if sports have anything to do with happiness. They say I was good as an opening batsman when I was a school going kid but my cricketing wings were clipped shortly after I represented my college in a few games. The reason was my dejected elder brother who made it to the Quaid-e-Azam trophy, the foremost domestic tournament at the time but was stopped to go further courtesy the lack of a backing; a pre-requisite in so many fields here. Yet, I follow the game with passion and watch it seriously.

Now, Kashkin and Nadia are tagged for the same 🙂

Remembering the victims of earthquake 2005

Below here is a re-post of a poem I wrote sometimes back in rememberance of the victims of the catastrophic October 8th 2005 earthquake. The biggest natural calamity of our times that took lives of thousands and shattering those of millions. Both the parts of Kashmir along with the Balakot and Mansehra district were the worst affected areas.

The calamity united the Pakistani masses in the efforts of relief and rehabilitation of the affected people. Wonderous tales of sacrifices and philanthropy emerged out of the tragedy. People from as far as Karachi moved to help their misery-stricken countrymen. Generous support, both financial and technical poured in from outside the country. Now after the lapse of three years when the rehabilitation of the affectees is near to completion one cannot forget the ones who lost their lives in the most unfortunate way. May their souls rest in eternal peace!

Somewhere there were dreams fragile,
Somewhere there was life with a smile,

The smile faded, life gone,
The dreams became unknown,

Let us think, let us ponder
Let us wake from the slumber,

Let us build again a paradize,
For the remains of those with a sad demise,

Look at the child sitting in the rubble,
Teary eyed, caged heart, breathing with a ruttle

The child deprived of pen and paper,
Let us educate him to prosper

What if they are on the recieving side,
We are here to restore their pride

We’ll rebuild their world again,
And will share all their pain