The difficulty of hiding

A treasure was revealed

last night, when a thief

tried to steal from the

riches I keep inside

my chest, waking my

eyes from the dreams

of merry-making in the

synthesis of love.

My chase yielded in

the gateways of a soul,

I stole all my wealth from.

Now, I’ll let the love

gleam through my eyes.

No one to hide it from.

We both are the culprits.


12 thoughts on “Culprits

  1. This poem really made me to think. “We both are culprits”…. but both of you did the right thing. I feel the thief did the right think to wake you up from the dreams and you did the right thing to steal wealth from the soul. Never I took, ‘culprit’ in positive sense. Wish I can also become ‘culprit’.
    Loved this poem.

  2. Thanx neilina:-) May you become a ‘culprit’ in a very positive manner! 🙂

    So very thanx, Nadia sis! I’m gettin all these inspirations from the treasure in ma chest which isn’t yet reached to ma eyes 🙂

  3. bliv_in_magic

    i jus love this poem for some unknown reason!
    i bliv poetry is more thn jus grammer..n this one is a perfct exampl to support my belief! wow!

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