Three Translations

‘Adabiat’ a quarterly literary journal published by the Pakistan Academy Of Letters in its April-June issue has got a very impressive section of poems translated into urdu from a variety of Pakistani languages. Below here are three short poems that I further tried to translate into english. Translations do diminish the beauty of a literary piece to a fair extent, yet my liking for the ideas behind the poems prompted me to post it here.

1. Distanc (By Ishaq Samejo in Sindhi)

Everything is bound to end

Except for the distance

Between you and me.

2. The Color Pink (By Asif Dharejo in Sindhi)

I wish I turn into

The color pink and

Reach to the artist’s

Brush, right where he

Would paint your lips.

3. Daughter Of The Sun (Raz. M. Raz in Pushto)

On her way back,

The dust rising of her feet

Is falling like a night

Over the horizon of my life.

I know not, whether its

The departure of my love,

Or the Sun extinguished,

Over the horizon of life.


10 thoughts on “Three Translations

  1. Ayesha

    That is great work Aadil! I know translation always takes away the beauty of original piece but still that seems so fantastic.

    All three of them are very nice!

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  3. Thanks Shivya! The source of the original isn’t avaialable on WWW, otherwise I would give you the link. I might post the original here but then it has to be translated for you to understand which I’ve already done. πŸ™‚

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