Preserved Traditions

According to the news, 5 women were burried alive in a villiage at Baluchistan.

A million layers of civilzation

placed over the dermis of humanity

by time well beyond the measuring counts

are torn from within, whenever a beast

slashes out of a human form to

repeat his primitive feat

of digging out holes

for daughters of the Eve.

History like a beast keeps tearing

us, while time; the healer

is weary, hence it ceased to soothe

and is even more elusive.


9 thoughts on “Preserved Traditions

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  2. Ayesha

    That was a very sad and depressing incident. I can’t believe there are still such people on this earth who kill helpless women like that. That’s a complete departure from the teachings of Islam. Amazingly for them their barbaric feudal traditions mean more than the religion.

    You have highlighted the issue really well in your poem!

  3. Yes, neilina, such acts are extremely barbaric hence despicable.
    Ayesha, these are the ones who reverse the evolution of human civilization. They don’t deserve to be called humans and deseve to be loathed. Thanx for commenting!
    Nadeen, we are witnessing the acts of ‘PPre-Islamic-Quraishs’ happening in the 21st century.

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