Eid-ul-fitr is just around the corner. The capital city of Pakistan is fast being deserted by people having connections to different parts of the country. I too am preparing to leave for my home; the allure of having an iftari or two at home is the primary reason for me to take an extra day off before the officially announced holidays.

I’d like to wish a very happy Eid Mubarak to all of you, in advance.

May you all bask in the blessings of a rewarding Eid!

May this Eid bring an end to the sufferings of our fellow Pakistanis through the war of terror! May this Eid be an omen of a smiling and peaceful Pakistan! Amen!


It feels good to be acknowledged and published in a lovely magazine like Us

I’m having a fortunate run of late in terms of being considered for publications. It surely will boost my confidence to write better.

Hope they will be as supportive as they are!


It was two years back, on September 26th, 2006 to be precise when I entered in this fascinating world of internet blogging courtesy following a link of my chowk buddy Farhan a.k.a Azure’s blog (can’t provide you the link coz he deleted his blog, an act described by some as a web-sucide).

Initially it was sort of a diverse blog with posts ranging from the description of random thoughts to political commentaries to cricket related stuff and occasional poems. Now it seems inclined more to a poetic side; a representation of the moods I’ve been carrying all along. The promotion of Pakistani positivity was one of the foremost reasons for me to start this blog; the number of patriotic posts here might be less but still …

Apart from being a source of presenting MY WORLD to the world, this blog’s helped me come across some very nice people and a few of them turned to be really good friends later. The affect of blogging on my life has been phenomenal. It has definetly boosted my creative instincts, whatever I have.

Thank you all the wothy visitors of this blog for your presence and feedback every now and then! I might not have continued the journey in the absence of your listening ears (reading eyes?) 🙂 .. Hope together we will continue to strive for goodness!

The Light Of Tears

Hopes exude en masse

when night befalls

the avenues of life.

The horizon mourns death

of the Sun wrapping itself

in a darkish shawl.

A million eyes inhabiting

the milky way peep down

through the dark,

crying like stars.

Spotting me here, a pair

descends steps of the air

in a hundredth of a second,

lending me what

my eyes require.

‘The dawn is silhouetted near’,

says the light of my tears.

Inspired by Mohsin Naqvi’s verse,

Mohsin taloo-e-ashk daleel-e-sahar tau hay,

shab kat gayee charagh bujha dena chahiye

Sharing My Weirdy Ways!

Earlier Nadia and more recently Ayesha tagged me to share 7 things that I find weird about myself. People around me in the physical world term me an epitom of complete weirdness but what I find strange about myself are;

1. I am annoyingly sharing with my family when it comes to the expression of day to day happenings in my life. I have been carrying this trait of sharing personal matters since early childhood when every evening I would assume the role of a tape recorder narrating the events of our cricket matches. Now my fortnight visits back home are stuffed with lots of things to share.

2. Would you belive I didn’t have a math note book in my 10th class. I was so pathetic in mathematics that I got numbers below the passing marks yet I was passed, mistakenly perhapes 🙂 I did better in the other disciplines though!

3. Excessive load shedding have started me to hate darkness otherwise I have always liked random electricity offs. I would find it very soothing and calm lying in my darkened room, eyes closed introspecting. I just love to switch off the lights every now and then and listen to some soothing music.

4. They have always said I live in a deam world. I’m too much idealistic I guess. I can remeber the days when I used to internet chat like crazy bearing the constant scolding of my family, I almost forgot the existence of a physical world shutting off all my social contacts. Then I consciously tried to normalize things a bit.

5. My inclination towards Pakistani pop/rock music made me weird among my fellows given the envoironment I grew up in. Most of my fellows didn’t know the names of the singers I used to admire.

6. Coming back to internet, I never asked anyone the most used chatting question ‘ASL’ .. I never cared about it. I take pride in the fact that I tried to promote pakistaniat to my bit even at the cost of sarcastic remarks from a few.

7. I just love sweets 🙂 I mean whether its the bakery stuff, chocolates, confectionaries, sweet dishes .. whatever .. I love to savour em .. In my childhood I loved mitchels tofees and my craze for sweets was even judged by our neighboring shop keeper who would start to count the ill effects of sweets on our body etc which made me change the shop to buy sweets 🙂

Now its the turn of MZ and Kashkin to reveal theirs.


The difficulty of hiding

A treasure was revealed

last night, when a thief

tried to steal from the

riches I keep inside

my chest, waking my

eyes from the dreams

of merry-making in the

synthesis of love.

My chase yielded in

the gateways of a soul,

I stole all my wealth from.

Now, I’ll let the love

gleam through my eyes.

No one to hide it from.

We both are the culprits.