Empty Bowls

Being labelled as ‘a misfit

who thinks’, I was protruded

by the machines operating

a practical world.

I had an option none, but to

frequent the gathering of thoughts;

the lifeline for a dying

heart and mind.

Its only there where I

caught the addiction

of sipping poetic words.

These days when food shortages

are grave, I almost suffocate

when the bowls are empty.


21 thoughts on “Empty Bowls

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  2. kashkin

    beautiful lines to evoke this sense of emotion with current situation in Pakistan and your very own composition which is binded with words and its metaphors

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  4. Thanks kashkin for liking it 🙂

    Hey .. Saad! I’ve been searching you man! Are you the one who writes for Us? .. you surely are 🙂
    Thanx for the comment 🙂

    Thank you Nadia 🙂

  5. Can the poet world ever be with empty bowl? I guess yours can never be……..I felt you are always with wondeful words describing feelings……..

    Great going!

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