Mauth Aayee Tau So Laingay!

Jeewan Zehr Bhara Sagar

Kab Tak Amrit Gholaingay

Neend Tau Kya Aayaigi Faraz!

Mauth Aayee Tau So Laingay!

Ahmad Faraz slept the eternal sleep last night at Shifa International Hospital Islamabad where he was being treated for a plethora of ailments. Words turn meaningless to describe the stature of a personality like Faraz who himself was a master knowing how to use words to mesmerize the world. One of the greatest romantic poets of all time, Faraz is no more with us.

May his soul rest in peace!


12 thoughts on “Mauth Aayee Tau So Laingay!

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  2. kashkin

    Return he will in forms and disguises beyond our control; his words and life will now create a life of its own – intangible and yet there…

    May his soul rest in peace.

  3. He has given different style of Ghazal, and Poetry too, he not just a romantic poet infect he given us path that have to stand up always against military rule and injustice, I don’t know about others but it’s my promise to Faraz that I won’t forget him ever.

  4. @ Ayesha .. very true .. his work indeed has immortalized him forever
    @Kashkin .. yes he will live on in another form .. in our hearts
    @Nida .. you are quite right in saying that Faraz was a true revolutionary who stood up against every millitiary tyrant. Liked your resolve not to forget him
    @ Neilina .. the more you’ll read him, the more you’ll learn how great his poetic work was!

    Thank you all for your comments!

  5. Faraz is still with us, personalities like Faraz never die, they alive forever. He will speak by his words till the rest centuries of the world.
    Faraz zinda hai aisay log janey kay lye nahin aatey balkay hamesha hamesha kay lye zinda rehnay kay lye aatey hain.

  6. Perhaps I dont remember the dates, names and times because that evening I just remember that it was him and we had ample time to talk about anything. I had seen Faraz in different coffee centers here in isb on several occasions but on Mar 16, 2008, it was reception of baraat of one of his close friends daughter. Baraat was coming from Lahore and I in Topi. Groom is my friend and we are quite opposite in nature and that seems to be strong bond between us.
    Baraat was expected to reach at 1:00 pm at noon, I reached there in time. But only I knew there that baraat was just departing at noon from Lahore so it reached at 6:00 p.m not before most of the guest were gone except close family and friends. As Faraz said then “kuch shair(poet) hain aur kuch majboor hain” about the guests still snoring there.

    I was introduced as the only baraati there and so it seemed one against whole hall. I smiled but cursed myself every time when some one asked me about when the rest of baraat was reaching?

    I saw Faraz and he saved me by waving had towards me, then I shared with him the info of baraat timings. It was very nice and proud feeling sitting in front of him and talking about his resent activites and the old ones which ever I could remember. We talked and talked and talked.
    Tallked about his time when he was Directof NBF and Jamiya Hafsa plot issue, his jokes with Manmohan Singh on his recents visit to Indian PM, his son and Army, cultural events related to baraat, current affairs and political history of parties and Faraz’s participations.
    Zia Era, Mush Era etc.

    Such a cool man and fantastic voice, every thing was nice about him. even his old friends accompanying him were too much impressive, a poet from Sindh( forgot his name) was really funny middle aged old man!

    He asked me to read asome poetry, not his as he decided he was their to read his own. When I had had enough with peotry I raised my hands and he realized it and said the other things you (me) know are so subtle and technical so only thing we can talk now is jokes. so I had jokes one after another by every one in turn. 6 hours!

    He seemed quite lazy and old but I I thought I had not seen him so closely before.

    I recalled that meeting many times and it remained fresh in my memories for weeks but the only thing I did not know was that it was first and last occasion in my life to meet with him.

    He was looking at me:)

  7. @ Goonga .. you’re lucky to have met with the great Ahmad Faraz .. a good story you have to tell.

    @ Ammar .. He deserved something of a great tribute but we only prayers for the next life he’s having. Thanx for stumbling by! 🙂

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