Craving For Eternity

Having lost all

my dreams

and more than half

my ambitious youth,

I’ve just recognized

time to be a brigand,

intent on stealing


There is no point

walking hand in hand

with a creature devouring

you bit by bit.

I crave for

a shelter in the

safer hands of eternity

to preserve my

remaining self.

14 thoughts on “Craving For Eternity

  1. Nice one, Aadil. It’s just so sad that there’s really no “safer hands” that would help us preserve our remaining selves, if there is anything like “preservation” at all. It’s just our own self against everyone and everything else.

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  3. Thanx Nadia! Yes, we are powerless creature in a sense that we cannot stop ourselves drifting with the flow of time. Our actions in this life, of course can preserve our souls for eternity.

  4. Lolls .. Nadeen, for me it could be taken into a political context as well .. craving for the national stabilization against the chaotic times that we are finding ourselves in. 🙂

  5. @nayni .. you’re quite right 🙂
    @nadeen … as a good sister could you find one for me? 🙂
    @goonga .. thanks man! I’m here till 5 or may be 6 pm ..

  6. @Ayesha .. So very thanxs 🙂
    @UTP .. preservation against loss .. it isn’t a possibility in this mortal world but I just wanted to mention the instinct of humans not to wither and to be here for ever.

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