Happy Independence Day!

The nation Pakistan is celebrating its Jashn-e-Azaadi today. The day reminds us the sacrifices our ancestors rendered to make freedom a possibility. All these passed years, a lot has happened to the body politic and the concept behind the creation of Pakistan. We lost our eastern part besides experiencing lots of cracks in our unity and cohesion as a nation courtesy a plethora of reasons yet one doesn’t lose hope whenever one sees the passion and spirit of Pakistanis each year on 14th August.

To me todays celebrations were really heart warming as we are finding our nation faced with a challenge of survival courtesy the inner and outer threats. Seeing people flocking the roads of Rawalpindi and Islamabad to express their emotions towards Pakistan has been a great relief as it refreshed my belief in the Patriotism of a common Pakistani. With the reiteration of our connection with this pure land we will surely be successful to repel the propaganda of cynics that we can no longer survive together.

May Allah Preserve the unity of Pakistan and may we come out of this quagmire of challenges unperturbed! Amin!

Pakistan .. Jiyo hazaro’n sal!


8 thoughts on “Happy Independence Day!

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  2. Thanx Ayesha, Nadia and Faisal for sharing your well wishes for Pakistan!
    I will update my blogroll, Faisal … congrates for your personal url! 🙂

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