Let The Brown Of My Body: By Yousaf Abbasi

This book called ‘The Roses Bleed’ by Yousaf Abbasi is a pure gem for its apt expression of patriotic thoughts. Published in 1990 it encapsulates poems ranging from the pakistani perspective to that of the freedom stuggles which were going around in different parts of the world like in Afghanistan, Kashmir, Palestine, Eriteria and Africa. The author has a heart steeped in humanity and his poems have the strength to seep into one’s heart and evoke the feeling of love towards one’s land and the people residing it. Below here is one of the poems I like the most in the aforementioned book.

Let the brown of my body

And the light of my soul

Mingle into purity

And spread on the whole

Over a land green with hope

And white with peace.

Let it be my lucky lot

That brown turns green

On some lovely spot

To wake the jasmine,

Let the black of my eyes,

Points of eager light

Shine again on a brow,

Darkened by night,

Let me pour out my heart,

In a mighty song

Like a villiage throng

O my country! O my land!

As a phoenix I shall soar on!

With all the brave elan

To you forever, O Pakistan!

8 thoughts on “Let The Brown Of My Body: By Yousaf Abbasi

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  2. I’m elated Umar to know that you’re the son of the great Yusuf Abbasi (sorry for misspellig his name in reference I put above). I actually searched internet for more of his work but could find anything and was disappointed in the end that such an asset of us wasn’t much known about. Its heartening to see you putting his work on the internet for us to get inspiration from. Will email you further. Thanks for your comments here.

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