One Sided Love

A toil of eternity

consumed me to

dig a hole in an

unyielding heart,

for the phantom

of your love to

bury it in.

A certain Farhad

did it to a stubborn

mount to sprout

a stream of love.

Somewhere deep

within, a fountain

of tears, bears testimony

that I’m the same.

Love needs to be

explored, not inhumed.

I wish you were

my shirin.


12 thoughts on “One Sided Love

  1. nayni

    ” One Sided Love”

    Title tells the whole story….. agony , tears , sleepless nights and unfulfilled wishes. . .

    Beautiful Poem Aadil….

  2. hmm…

    if it happens like that – better not go into an eating more depression.

    I am practical about love I suppose – If you dont see answering interest – dont even go there – One sided love is too humiliating.

    Real love comes from understanding a persons true nature – you learn to love them for exactly who and what they are – not how their physical appearance inspires you.

    Thats not love actually – its just admiring Gods beautiful creations – thats all.

  3. Thank you Ayesha 🙂
    Thanx Nayni 🙂

    Nadeen Aapi! its JUST a random thought. Most of us pass through phases like this I guess but yes you are quite right in saying that one ought to be practical about love.
    Thanks for commenting 🙂

  4. kashkin

    First beautiful display picture – very relevant to 14th August.

    Secondly, beautfiful poem…the effect is marvellous, through the metaphors and through the fabric you built with words..Imagine applying the very same concept in its political terms……hahahahah

  5. Thank you kashkin! thanx for liking the poem.
    What it will be like if we apply the same concept into a political context? … like mush was having a one sided scolding of the pakistani nation? or else ? .. hmm .. mush surely will now say ‘ I woudn’t have been impeached if you were my followers’ … or the people say ‘ we woudn’t have impeached you if you ruled for us’ … lol

    1. sonali

      i liked ur poem its too good actually i love someone and my love is one sided that’s why i can feel each word of your poem

  6. awesomeeeeee thoughts aadil…pain oozing from every word of the poem…hmmmmm i think u were right…there is someone who writes pain too..:P

    chalein ek se bhale do…:P

    dard par daad dena munasib nahi par kuch kahe bina raha bhi nahi gaya….keep sharing ur thoughts…bless you.

    Somewhere deep

    within, a fountain

    of tears, bears testimony

    that I’m the same.

    Love needs to be

    explored, not inhumed.

    such deep emotions…

  7. Thanks, aarzoo, for liking the poem! Yes, one sided love is painful and thats what a poem should convey when written on the topic.
    Let’s spread hope and merry, for we’ve witnessed enough of pain in our lives.
    May God bless us!

    Thanks for the comments! 🙂

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