Poem Published

A random visit here made my day when it gave me the pleasure of a published poem against my name. So very thanx, the editors of US and all my kind visitors who encourage me to write and express. My heartfelt thanx to Kashkin, Nadeen, Ayesha, MZ, Goonga, Shobig, Quin, Nadia, Raheel, UTP and the buddies at desiwriters who’ve commented on and off on the stuff I present here and in a few other forums. Hope you will continue to be with me in this journey of self exploration and improvement.

Go well!


19 thoughts on “Poem Published

  1. AWWWW – thanks a lot – you forgot to thank the tea boy who brings in tea when you are writing poetry instead of office work in office – and he never tells on you 😉

  2. WC .. actually I’ll have to thank a few of office buddies who happens to be my subordinates as they never tell on me .. 🙂 For tea we go down to the cafe which is a very nice place for gossiping around .. lol

  3. Thank you Goonga Jee, MZ and Ayesha 🙂

    MZ .. I’ve already discussed a meet up with goonga when will be around here. Hope we all gel somewhere in a few days … Islamabad monument is quite a good place for that .. kya khyal hay? …

  4. Shah Jee: Monument main koi khaas baat tou hey? since I have visited with you, I have to go there every week as all vacationers[nieces & nephews] stopping over in islamabad, insist to go there. so I am gonna make century of my visits soon.

    Anyways: no doubt thats excellent point to hang out with friends and family.

    See you soon.

  5. @goonga .. I too am approaching a half century of visits I guess .. lol …
    I like the breeze that flows in abundance in the heights at the monument plus the bird eye view on the city makes me crave for the wings to fly hover above the greenery …
    See you 🙂

  6. Aww, thanks to YOU, Aadil, for sharing your beautiful poems with us. I hope the rest of your poems also get the attention that they deserve!

    Keep writing!

  7. Thanx Nadia! I appreciate your comments hence put your name in the list of buddies who visit here. You yourself are an awsome blogger!

    Keep visiting! 🙂

  8. Goonga: Thanks for the Gupshup
    Aadil: Thanks for the company
    Goonga: Thanks for inviting
    Aadil: Thanks for comming
    Goonga: Thans for tolerating bad jokes
    Aadil: Thanks for so few of them.
    Goonga: Thanks for thanking…
    Aadil: Thank you too.

    Goonga: I think we should stop here, its not gonna help to get our immediate objectives;)

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