In The Grips Of Fate

Gripped in the divine

fingers of fate

the heart moves

with every twist

and the beliefs

residing in it are

often intermingled.

After each a little

shake, I sit to segregate

the jumble of thoughts,

puzzled to recognize

one from the other.

Just when the arrangement

is completed, here comes

another swirl.


14 thoughts on “In The Grips Of Fate

  1. You are talking in first person – You wrote –

    I sit to segregate

    the jumble of thoughts,

    puzzled to recognize

    one from the other.

    You related to the poem – meaning you are able to express now your own feelings – that is the begining of real poet in action!

    You will now see change in your personal life as well – all the best.

  2. Kashkin

    Hey Aadil
    Beautiful poem my friend as divinity embedded in our fate and our beliefs plays havoc with our fabrication of what we are.”Here comes another swirl”….classic end to this tale of exploration and of understanding and our endeavours..

    Keep up this great work and moments of brilliance or what i call ” the fits” which are needed both at a personal level and if one widens the horizons to understand…..

    Remember the old wool dancers……

  3. Thank you Nadee! I’m gonna think of myself as a ‘poet’ courtesy your comment .. :-). Let’s see what poetry does to me. A few of my friends are very skeptical of poetry ‘engulfing’ my personality, as they would put it which I don’t much agree with. Yes, I ought to be more concerned with my career but poetry in fact is a sanctuary for me when I’m hit by the nasty realities of life.

    So very thanks, kashkin for your encouragement and the motivational words that you gifted to me. 🙂

  4. Adil, I have reached your site via Nadeen’s Pages and hope I am not trespassing any protocol.
    Your beautiful poems are a journey through the virtual windows of the mind, illuminating many concepts and seemingly embody the philosophical essence of longing, frustration, pain and fear. It is a real delight to read them.Please keep up the good work.

  5. So very thanx, Khurram! I’m glad you liked the random thoughts I pour in here. I myself have gauged a talent from the comment you posted here. Waiting for your blog so that we can visit each others sites on a regular basis.

    Go well!

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