A reversed flow!

They say energy flows

from a zone of higher concentration

to that of low. What I’ve seen

are over-satiated giants sucking

the breath out of a dying mankind.

We are living in an age where

new realities are fast replacing

the older notions. Defying nature

in itself is a thrill. What if it costs

a generation or two of

my fellow beings?


7 thoughts on “A reversed flow!

  1. What I can see is a lot of resistance building in the mind of the young in Pakistan against the existing political system.

    Thats very bad – the youth has to concentrate on their own futures – the future of Pakistan – How can they if they get involved in politics so much – and they have to now – there is no stability to offer them peace of mind to concentrate on their own personal development – the next generation of adults in Pakistan is a crippled on – crippled by the shortcomings of the previous generation – and that is the absolute horrible truth. Our present is destroying our future – all around and everywhere in the world.

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