An encounter

Last night I saw a full moon

embellished in the jewelery of gold,

upfront in a backdrop; black,

as it poured its beams

which it deemed right

to negate the dark.

Intent on hiding the truth

an evil cloud threw a curtain

of gloom over the face of the moon.

It wasn’t yet doom

as I could see some resolute

silvery patches resurfacing

the murky scene

every now and then,

before burying deep by the

vastly obscure skies.

The clouds laughed a malicious thunder,

while someone shed tears of sympathy.


8 thoughts on “An encounter

  1. Its good – I like the evil cloud idea –

    Intent on hiding the truth

    an evil cloud threw a curtain

    of gloom over the face of the moon.

    Thats true even in real life – People with selfish intensions try to fade out the shine of truth – but do you know that clouds go away – they have to – but the shine of the moon shall remain till the day the universe remains intact!

  2. Kashkin

    Aadil great poem of yours, the encounter, strong use of metaphors to describe the metaphors of good and evil…Its interesting to see that nature is actually all good but how we perceive our existence against this. What we see is good, we associate it to the nature; and what we see bad or wrong, can also be associated with signatures of nature. a very interesting concept if one were to start thinking……

  3. Very true Nadeen! Thanx for commenting! 🙂

    Dear K .. we take inspiration from nature one way or the other as it exhibits so many images related to that of human emotions and extincts albeit its kindness. It of course is a vast subject to dwell upon.

    Thanx for liking the poem 🙂

  4. kashkin

    You are most welcome Aadi….Your poems are great source of inspiration and the comfort….It is this concept of comfort one is drawn towards….and with this comes all the ingredients of existence and metaphors….

  5. Ayesha

    Aadil very well written!

    The whole idea of moon and clouds is so fantastic and you have presented it quite well… and I add not in just typical romantic manner but like the above commenters mentioned… as good and evil! Defaince and rebel.

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