The State Of Poemlessness

Like a poison rushing
through the veins,
positioning the brain
to cut off the links of life,
this state of poemlessness
intruded my mind,
and blocked the passage
of thoughts into pen.

The pen is waiting while
the hem of the paper is spread
begging for words, increasing
my desperation for intoxication.

The heart needs to intervene
to clear the scene in the brain
for the freedom of pen
and paper from a death of hunger.


8 thoughts on “The State Of Poemlessness

  1. Yes, Nadeen it did!
    Thanx Ayesha! the term is borrowed from ‘Ejaz Rahim’ one of my favorte pakistani English poets. The desperation still exists. It feels as if there is something missing that I wanted to say.

  2. Kashkin

    Imagine if being poemlessness can create such a beautiful poem, then imagine what if poemfullness can bring? I leave that to you to ponder…

  3. 🙂 kashkin, I’m yearning for a phase of poemfullness for long. Most of my poems are efforts to break through the eternal poemlessness. Thanx for your encouragment!

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