A dual challenge!

The honest toilers; our ancestors,
collected the stones thrown at them,
and the mud slung at them, to build a house.
They mixed the ingredients with their
sweat and their blood; the color of love
To make it a home.

A few seeds of mistrust evolved into trees of
contempt in the hearts of the second generation.
And with the help of neighbors
they themselves erected a wall of separation.

The nameplate of my home which used to
read, ‘unity’ is rusted and withered since long.
Suspicion crept into our yard and settled
in every corner of the square as if
measuring a division.

I can hear the footsteps of aliens fast
approaching our home, and I’m faced
with a dual challenge; of repairing the
storm lashed doors and of wiping all
the germs of contempt.

I’ll keep the forces of ‘division’ at bay
‘Its a negative process’ said a mathematician.

8 thoughts on “A dual challenge!

  1. Aadil, circumtances in Pakistan are going worst day by day, even new govt has taken over but it is also going on the same pattern as of previous one.

  2. Yes Murtaza, things are really very grim. It will be tough challenge for all the patriotic Pakistanis to maintain unity among their ranks, as enemies are hell bent to disintegrate us.

  3. We need to clean the inside of the house – get the housemates united under the roof of one room – strategise against the aliens and then go out and fight back as a united front – Is that possible???

  4. Ayesha

    Very well written Aadil! It’s different in style.

    I can hear the footsteps of aliens fast
    approaching our home, and I’m faced…

    How true is that and it freaks me out.

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