Feeling envious!

I look at the lush

Margalla hills with its

tips rendered invisible

by the possessive clouds,

and I’m feeling begrudged by the

chader covering your

face; it fears I would

steal a glimpse

of you.


8 thoughts on “Feeling envious!

  1. Aadil these daz U r making me crazy by describing beautifully fantabulus pre moonsoon in Pakistan.
    Great yar your poetry has improved a lot. Please mail me about ur planning to come here, ok yad se

  2. Murtaza, I’m happy to see you consistent over here. Thanx for liking the poem. Nature is stimulating me a lot these days hence these random lines.
    I’m seriously discussing a possible move to UAE with a few friends and my family members. I’ll knock may be few times more at the doors of the elusive here in Pakistan and in the wake of any refusal, I’ll definetly move out of the place. Will be a hard decision to leave but sometimes a few bitter pills are swallowed in order to survive.

    Will mail you InshaAllah .

  3. Aadil, me tring to be consisten.yar ur poem are so good, all the credit goes to ur interst.
    Good think and decide and let me know, ok waiting for ur final dec.

  4. Shareef bachhi hai – chaadar waali -sharam kar le – rishta bhaij de AADI!


    Its beautiful – making me jealous – as usual – talking about mountains and gorgeous weather up there – Lucky you!

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