Story Of A Cloud

And then a gloomy cloud
halted and dissolved
into an ocean of tears.

Relieved after throwing
its fears, it flew with
the wings of merry birds
holding avenues of bliss
in their sights.

Roaming the skies
it was oblivious to
the sighs of unresting
waters below.

Enhaling air, its
chest turned heavy
with melancholy,
and it could think about
none, but pouring it again.

The cloud is a merchant,
trading pain with pain.


9 thoughts on “Story Of A Cloud

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  2. Ayesha

    The comment above looks different. I too received many such comments and I used to delete them since they would be in the spam mail. Today I clicked on one and it was my own blog with a link to my page on some website šŸ˜€

    It rained in Isloo this morning. That’s good but guess what it didn’t rain a bit here. So the weather is as usual hot and humid.

    Also read on Nadeen’s page you have a birthday today.

    Happy birthday to you Aadil!

  3. the cloud is a merchant, yar plz ask this merchant to come in dubai i’m missing twin cities you know I love rain. aah ah……
    HAPPY BIRTHDAY, best of luck for ur bright future

  4. Hope you had a good day – I like the poem about the cloud – its a good way of looking at it –

    At first it breathes in the air and then becoming heavy with its melancholy, it unburdens its pain on the world – Its a good imagery!

  5. Kashkin

    Happy Birthday Aadil…

    waysay to hur din he aik birthday hee ka tara hai…As each day brings us near to ourselves, as new thoughts are born inside us; and as we carry ourselves to newer waters, its represents of this concept of birth in metaphorical sense….I hope you had a great day and enjoyed it throughly.

    klassic clouds going off on rescue mission for BMK in faisalabad…hahahah…

    Murtaza—–dubai used to an ocean my friend…the rain will come one day..

  6. Thank you Murtaza! I love the way you miss your country. You ought to miss it, till you come and contribute to make it better. Am missing you too!

    Thanx Naden aapi! I’m glad you like the poem.

    Shukriya kashkin! I enjoyed my brithday to the core.

  7. The cloud is a merchant,
    trading pain with pain.

    these lines appealed the most. however, the emotions flowing out of the poem are intensely sad.
    though i liked the imagery throughout

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