The heart craves while the mind’s dead

The memory lane of my mind,

with all the extensions to eternity,

is blocked by a variety of reasons

and the gloom rules in its entirety.

Caught in the abyss, I grope for a clue

which could lead me at least to a glimpse;

a slightest of your smiles that you so lavishly

gave, or any of your tears; the little jewels

that I used to collect in my palm.

My woes it seems are willfully increased

by a contemptuous Fate, when it decided

to leave my heart untamed.


8 thoughts on “The heart craves while the mind’s dead

  1. Added new link on my homepage called ENGLISH POETRY – check it out – wrote and posted something there inspired by the poem you have written in here!

  2. Yes, I’m not that unpurturbed .. but woh life hi kya jo hamesha smooth ho … I’ll learn from it …
    The featured you’ve mentioned are great! You’re a very good poet as well!

  3. hmmm, nice

    ‘to leave my heart untamed’
    great my friend, meri jan kahan ghayb koi atta patta nahin, main ney mail bhi ki per janab ney koi rep nahin kia, ho sakey to hm b yad ker lena.

  4. Kashkin

    Hey Aadil,
    This is a beautiful poem… old interaction of heart and mind….I could almost feel the purity of emotion that has gathered in the heart and yet the realities of life have their imprints on the mind and what follows is the clash…simply beautiful….

  5. Hey Murtaza! thanks for liking the poem … and I’m here in your ‘shehr-e-kahmoshan’ … I did reply your mail yaaar … don’t know why it couldn’t reach you … will send u a detailed email … hope you’re fine and doing well …

    So very thank kashkin! I always appreciate your thoughtful comments, which in fact give me the boost to write some more ..

    ‘Untamed Desires’ a thoughtful blog name … you can share this poem … my pleasure … but not without my credits though! … 🙂

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