Lake View Park

The playful breeze
holding the reins of
tides either loosened
or pulled the strings

The pure white seagulls
dotted the all gray
waterscape, fluttering
and inviting sights

A boat with a resolve,
wrestled the might
of waves to
reach the shore

Somewhere a flute,
exhaled tunes
of Heer Waris Shah

The heart felt
a tinge of grief
looking at the waters
swallowing the
whole sun


9 thoughts on “Lake View Park

  1. You saw the best part of the day – in the most idylic situation – watching sunset in a boat – Lucky!!!

    The heart felt
    a tinge of grief
    looking at the waters
    swallowing the
    whole sun

    As the eyes witnessed
    the rising of a shadowy moon
    The heart was chastened
    The sun would come back soon!

  2. Ayesha

    Very nice poem. I’d mention that before that such parks, views and (if there is a bench as well to sit) always leave an everlasting impact on my mind.
    Good work!

    And Nadeen your lines are also very nice as it carries hope for a new day and a new beginning.

  3. Thanx Nadeen, your lines are beautiful!
    Thanx Ayesha, there of course were benches to sit and view nature in abundance ..
    Unaiza, I’d love to reach to a level where I could think about publishing sort of a book … thanx for liking the poem ..

  4. kashkin

    I remember the first time I saw this lake I had tonsils and very young with an old sketchbook to draw the colours of nature. I am commenting it again as I read it again. Its like watching a film twice and each time one has to pay the ticket….hahahah..

    Keep up the good work

  5. hmm … you carry with yourself good old memories of the past … a good thing not to forget one’s past and visit it through one’s imagination on and off …
    Thanx kashkin for your visits to my site and I’ll make it sure not to charge you anything for this … haha …

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