Breathing spaces

I wish I had
a wider area
inside my chest, where
all my contrasting thoughts,
young and matured,
shy and assured
and fair and dark,
could peacefully coexist,
without encroaching upon,
each others territory.

The heart’s too tiny a place
not to suffocate
when they are intermingled.

I wish there were
more breathing spaces.


9 thoughts on “Breathing spaces

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  2. Kashkin

    beautiful poem is this “breathing spaces”..we all try cover off the concept of space which correlates to having space in physical sense, but what about the thoughts, those intangible thoughts, that come and go, that reside in us.An idea, well covered and beautifully depicted. Thanks

  3. Thanx kashkin, unaiza and nadeen for liking the poem!

    Nadeen, the thought was exactly the same while I was writing these lines; to relate it with the situation of our society.

  4. kashkin

    Aadil, No problem my friend, you are most welcome. Poetry can capture in few lines what the prose cannot in 1000 pages…

    and Islamabad monument is beautiful,……

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