The Terrorist!

The thinking capacity,
of his brain,
is replaced,
by the inserted explosives,
ready to explode.

His hands were supposed,
to carry hopes,
of the nation,
but his grips on the rifle,
are firmer to shoot.

He is beneficial,
for some, when he kills,
and when trapped,
for others getting,
luscious bounties.

Isn’t he a puppet,
in the hands of,
the mighty puppeteers?

He too must be feeling,
the misery he inflicts,
upon others,
for he is a metamorphosed;
not a born terrorist


9 thoughts on “The Terrorist!

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  2. Kashkin

    Beautiful poem…….those last moments of journey which carries the impact forever for those who go and for those who remain to see its effect….

  3. Thanx kashkin for your detailed deliberation on the topic at chowk. The poem’s just another concept on the topic which is still surrounded by ambiguity and confusion.

    khush raho!

  4. Nadeen, you should have put it like ‘ asking for trouble on chowk my friend?’ … lol …
    I actually was fortunate to escape the attention of a few stingers over there, otherwise I would be pondering a pre-mature exist from the place 😛
    kashkin is appreciated for coming for ma rescue though! …lol…

  5. If I say I TOLD YOU SO, you will say – MAASI MUSEEBATI!!!
    Trust SHOBIG to comment on that – You have to ask him to check your pages too, he has very good comments to give!

  6. Richard Rodriguez

    How many more child massacres can we tolerate? Has the international community become the accomplices of a Palestinian society who brainwashes their young into becoming robotic humanoids that kill Jews? :

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