Blast in Mardan

Yet another bomb exploded yesterday in an otherwise watertight secured cantonment area of Mardan. Shaheen Backery adjacent to the boundary wall of the Punjab Regiment Army Recruitement and Training Center was the unfortunate location this time around. 13 persons including security guards, customers and workers of the backery were reported to be killed in the blast along with several inujured.
It is perhapes the fourth or fifth bomb blast of late in or around the same area of the city wihch ironically is heavily guarded by the armed personnel of Pakistan Army most of the time. The explosion has been termed as ‘a suicide blast’ by the millitary authorities but which the citizens aren’t sure about.
I wasn’t away from the site of the blast as I was rambling with a friend when we were jolted by the thunderous explosion. I could see the fear and uncertainity over the faces of the innocent citizens who couldn’t believe that their erstwhile peaceful city would fall prey to a handful of miscreants and more importantly to the evil conspiracies of their very own establishment.
According to a general consensus, it might be engineered by the establishment courtesy the fact that Mardan cantonment authorities were about to lose a case in the Supreme Court regarding the cutting off of a link road which actually passes through two entities of the contonment, connecting two parts of the city. Incidents of simillar nature happened on the last two occasions whenever the road was about to be opened following the verdicts of the city and Peshawar High Courts in favor of people of the locality. The road was permanently blocked by the army citing security reasons following a suicid blast last year in Dargai where a suicide bomber entered into the Army Cantonment and claimed the lives of dozens of young recruites. The stoppage proved hazardous for the commuters who would reach the city center taking alternative routes which of course were much more time consuming for a distace of about 2 kilometers.
According the news reports, some Tehrik-e-Taliban, Darra Adam Khel has taken the responsibility of the blast, which in itself is an ambiguity if one takes into consideration the ongoing peace process initiated by the government of NWFP.
Whoever the perpetrators might be, it is an act extremely shameful which should be condemened by all.
I’ve just come to know that I’ve lost one of my dear school fellow in the incident as well. Alas! what lovely fellow this ocean eyed chap was! Iftikhar was one of the nicest of my class fellows who I can vividly remember would sing “pyari ma’an mujhko teri dua chahiye … jab shahadat milay mujhko kashmir may aur kya chahiye”
His childhood dream to be a shaheed is fulfilled, but the way it has happened, tears my heart.

May his sould rest in peace!


12 thoughts on “Blast in Mardan

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  2. why do u guys hibernate somewhere in bins when US attacks Pakistani areas? why don’t you write when US recently hit bajor area? or its just your so called enlightenment don’t allow you to say a word against US?

  3. No, Mr. Adnan no! you chose the wrong person for the criticism. I’ve always been critical of the Western especially American influence in the Pakistani politics and I loath all of them who fear losing their so called enlightenment if they deviate from their path. We all have condemned the brutal attacks on Bajaur, in fact I wrote against it when a madrassah in bajaur was hit by the american drones somewhere last year. You can check out my blog for who I’m and what I stand for.
    The account written above is one of my random posts that I write every now and then concerning my city Mardan.

    Thanx for visiting my blog though!

  4. Kashkin

    Takht-i-Bahi – (The Water Throne)

    This is dedicated to our friend Aadil and his city, Mardan. His friends and to all those departed souls ….

    Exists in our minds, this place and its past
    Well trodden paths, from Alexander to Asoka
    In those avenues of history and of its times
    Brings you the old Buddhist monks
    Their stories of old donation and its marks
    Of eyes and of purification from desire
    The grand purpose, the grand donation
    Descends into that place, Takht-i-Bahi
    An old water throne, the old reference
    Murmurs to these fields of green
    To become a part, of an old civilization
    As it became from Amar Daan to Mardan
    The land of toil and the land of resolve
    My home, where rests my remains
    Of an old existence of time and of mine
    As the memory flows into Takht-i-Bahi
    Out comes the rain, of loss and in despair
    As the sadness dwells like a morning mist
    In all who live, and of all who are gone
    Only the prayers, only the hopes
    For peace to return, for fields to bloom
    The old harvest awaits; the new beginnings
    For the old inhabitants to return again!


  5. Its an amazing poem which portrays not only your poetic skills but your knowledge about the place. Takht-i-Bhai of course epitomizes the past grandeur of the locality and is attracting tourists from all over the world.
    So very thanks for the words you dedicated to my city and its people!

    Go well!

  6. nayni

    As the sadness dwells like a morning mist
    In all who live, and of all who are gone
    Only the prayers, only the hopes
    For peace to return, for fields to bloom
    The old harvest awaits; the new beginnings
    For the old inhabitants to return again

    May we witness it soon!!!!

  7. Thanx Nadeen! I’m thankful to you, kashkin and all the buddies who stood by me in all those disastrous times. I’m fortuante to have come across people like you who share and are caring. Hope our company will bring about positive things for our people and for all of us.
    So very thanx!

    @nayni … we’re hopeful for a bright morn with blooming flowers and faces of our countrymen … thanx for visitng me blog!

  8. Kashkin

    Hey Aadil,
    I had created my blog on wordpress sometime ago this year but gave up due to unavailability of time.
    Here it is…

    Few poems I had pasted it there and also last night an old article ” ” The Muffled Rage” written back in October.

    I guess the stuff on the chowk and what I have sent to Nadeen can remain where it is…It is all one world anyway…

    Let me know if you think I need to make it better as you seem to be the guru on HTML and other related technologies …

    I need to read your poem on chowk as well,…the one you posted it today..

    Thanks and have a great day.

  9. Welcome to wordpress! I’ll definetly be a frequent visitor of your site and will try to enlighten meself from your peoms and prose.
    I myself am not that good at html and coding etc but whatever I know will definetly be shared. More importantly we’ll share ideas for each others sites so that to promote all that is positive for our people.

    Go well!

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