Youth matters

Listening to a radio show last evening themed on the Pakistani youth I got flashes of the legions of youngsters that I come across every now and then in different job interview spots, waiting for their turns to be interviewed and grab whatever chances they are offered to be employed.
The glimpse that I mentioned above, to my knowledge, have multiple reasons behind it. There is an abundance of the talented graduates who have cropped out of the system but they cannot be absorbed in the job market accordingly. Graduates having studied subjects like literature in different languages, Islamic Studies and even social sciences to some extent aren’t accepted into the fold of companies rendering professional services. If they can’t be fitted into any of the professional organizations then why are they graduated in the first place? or why isn’t there something where they can be readily accepted to mature and groom?
The second mix of the individuals represent the higher numbers and can be found at most of the interview locations. Most of them serve in different capacities but aren’t satisfied with their present jobs most obviously due to their low remuneration packages against the ever increasing inflation. This portrays a darker picture of our failing economic system.
The last component of the desirers are the most unfortunate; the unemployed professional degree holders. They are the cream of our youth who are waiting to be given a chance to prove their mettle and if given proper opportunities they can prove the more uttered and less cared adage of our leaders, “ youth are the backbone of the nation “. I’ve rarely seen a job advertisement where there isn’t a demand of an individual without the column of ‘the professional experience’. How the hell would they acquire it when you aren’t ready to get them in?
While coming across the budding talent of Pakistani youth can be a source of pure contentment for an optimist one cannot deny the fact that our youth is fast disenchanting from the national matters courtesy their ill handling in our society. Brain drain is on rampant. There are serious issues to ponder on part of our policy makers lest we would be devoid of our hopes.

One thought on “Youth matters

  1. yup u r very right.I think our policy makers should review policies from university level, they should guide the students who’r seeking professional education.I know our government have not such capacity to jobs on such a large scale, I think there should be law that every private company should offer internship with some substational stipend so that at the same time they’ll get expeirence as well as have awareness of the market.

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