Let us join, O’my fairy!

We’ve grown together,
Right from eternity,
Side by side like two bodies,
Inhibited by a solitary soul,
Yet you’re out of my limits!

Your whispers soothe my senses,
And my heart beats,
When touched by those delicate fingers,
But my longing is too intese,
To hold your hand.

Shrug this hesitance!
Let us join, O’my fairy,
For I’m not supposed,
To long for something,
That is an inseparable,
Entitiy of my ever self.


2 thoughts on “Let us join, O’my fairy!

  1. TY Sir,
    Poor me! couldn’t got any nod of anyone from ma dreamland even on the day specified for love. May be it is too far, my dreamland yet I cannot make help but to yearn in the shape of those broken lines.

    I’m happy to see you here!

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