Ode to the Spring

Its a norm centuries old,
That a winter icy cold,
Gives birth to the fall,
To depress we people all.

With a mood of redemption,
And a freshly complexion,
You come along to bring,
Merry, glee; dear spring.

In the currents of the breeze,
And the waves of the seas,
Your songs can be heard,
Like singing of a bird.

In the trees and the meadows,
Can be found your shadows,
Of the darkish color green,
With a twinking little sheen.

In a clear sky blue,
On the glistening glossy dew,
On the petal of a rose,
You appear in a pose.

Every kite in the sky,
Like birds when they fly,
Celebrate your trip,
When they curve, when they dip.

Our land that is saddened,
When you come will be gladended,
You are waited for, indeed,
Come along with a speed!



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