Testing times … shhh! don’t disclose it!

I’m not supposed to write this entry. Do you know why? shhh! Do listen to my whispers and don’t disclose it to my prospective employers. Yes, What I’m gonna write might not go down well on the authorities at PBC and if disclosed, they might think of rejecting my three hours long toil of writing that test which I just gave aiming at acheiving a position of a producer over there. Yet, I can’t swallow those scenes of mismanagement and chaos that I witnessed at the spot of the written test.

A legion of around 400 aspirants were invited for some 13 vacant posts with the invitation letters mentioning the test starting time to be exact 09:30. It was a long wait till 10:40 when finally the arrangements were completed for the test to be started. The seating arrangement was such that one could view the contents on the page of the other aspirant even without bothering to turn his eyes. No order prevailed and every second participant either asked questions or cheated from the other ones which reminded me of our school days when our examination hall would echo every now and then with the whispering queries of students from each other untill silenced by those sleepy teachers who would walk around the aisles after brief intervals.

It was a descriptive test and we were asked to elaborate in detail over the Media freedom in Pakistan besides commenting on what was the role of radio in the modern era when there is this increasing emphasis on Television and internet etc. There were a few general knowledge quesitons as well. Fortunately it went right for this blogger who tried his best to give it a proper shot.

There was no dearth of the supporters who mostly comprised of the employees of the particular organisation making their presence felt by encouraging their near and dear participants with moral and well as material support during the test, not to mention the background help that has become a pre-requisite for finding a job especially in the governmental sector in Pakistan. Look at my craze that I tried without that particular pre-requisite even knowing doing this would be an exercise in futility. I couldn’t found one to be honest.

Having written all this, I’m still hopeful to earn an interview call should they check those bundles of papers which in itself would be a gigantic task thanx to that long list of short listed candidates. At the same time I’m requesting the one or two of you who’ve stumbled on my blog, to keep it to yourselves otherwise my prospects of getting that job will be zero.



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