A bomb scare!

There has been a bomb scare at my work place right since morning. Everyone ‘s out in the lawn and the bomb disposal squad is busy investigating the whole area. I’ve just come back to my seat after shivering out there in the chill for a major chunk of an hour. The rumor was generated by a telephone call to our communication department this morning indicating of a possible bomb blast but which it seems is evaporating in the thick air as most of the areas have been declared safe of a any explosives.

The general sense of fear apart, it has been fun to gather and enjoy a cup of tea with some of the intimate collegues outside in a ‘chappar’ hotel.
The overall atmosphere in the country is that of uncertainity and fear. One can’t be sure of any day passing safely without bringing a scare or two for the security situation of the country. That is, perhapes the reason for one to be affected by rumors like the one I’ve mentioned above and which in a stable national envoirnment could be brushed aside swiftly.

Allah khair hi karay!


3 thoughts on “A bomb scare!

  1. liyananaznim

    that’s scary.
    may Allah safe u and all pakistan people.
    i pray to see pakistan as a totally peaceful country someday..

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