How could we bid farewell to thee!

It would have been nice if one bade farewell to the departed year of 2007 on a high note especially taken into consideration its tumultous nature in reference to Pakistan’s internal situation. But it couldn’t happen to be,  given the tragedies we witnessed during its departing days. We ended up on the lowest ebb when 2007 finally melted into history. The lines below just convey the same;


You slipped into oblivion with a haste,

Its not long since you arrived with a face,

Fresh enough; for us goodness to anticipate,

Knowing not, we’ll be lost in your haze.

Yours were a bag full of the events uncertain,

Throwing one after the other,showing your intentions,

Of throwing us into a void of total destruction,

Which you nearly did with a vicious conviction.

How could we bid a farewell to thee!

For year like yours never did we see!

Knowing you departed, relieved are we!

Hoping for the new one, a happier to be!


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