Let’s fight this phase!

A series of turmoil,
Has gripped our soil,
How long will we toil!
For stability.

Another blast,
Have cast,
A spell of grief,
Yearning for relief,
Are my fellow beings.

Bomb after bomb,
Have caused to succumb,
One after one,
A daughter or a son,
Of my dear homeland,
To the hands of death.

A leader of the nation,
Killed in this fashion,
Is wrenching our hearts,
Let’s not be a part,
Of the enemies of the land,
Let’s join hands,
For a process of redemption,
Let’s fight this phase of desctruction.


2 thoughts on “Let’s fight this phase!

  1. marckyz20

    I’d like to say ” KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK ” This blog is one inspirational site. I hope you can inspire more people and hopefully with the words that comes out in your mouth create a positive result to the human race.

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