In The Company Of Your Thoughts!

When the wings of night are spread,
And the sky wears the color black,
Your thoughts creep smilingly,
Unto my mind, my heart, my lap.

I cherish the moments in the night bleak,
When the world’s busy having sleep,
I’m taken on a journey of exaltation,
By the company of your thoughts,
Profound and deep.

Your walk, your talk, your gaze,
Your smile, your guile, your face,
When combined are a force,
Quite hard to negate.

What! if I’m deprived,
Of your presence in the living universe,
I gratefully take,
The moments past the dying sun,
When you’re deeply remembered,
And matters of the world to shun.


2 thoughts on “In The Company Of Your Thoughts!

  1. xunz

    All the wonderful moments we did share
    In my mind I will always bear
    You have left me with memories of golden days
    These memories are enough for my solace

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