Give me a nod!

I’ll let the birds of sorrow,
Fly high into the wide bosom,
Of the eagerly waiting sky,
Give me a nod,
Just let me breath.

This heart’s become a cage,
Where every single of my desires,
Is feeling to suffocate,
craving for the way,
Yearning for the night to be a day.

When you’ve got the power,
To control the seasons,
Of the dark chamber called my heart,
For the sake of my love!
Just let the birds to go,
And fly it above.

Make it happen, the reunion,
Of the blue with the sillhouettes,
Of the fluttering wings,
And let it viberate,
My heart’s static strings.


5 thoughts on “Give me a nod!

  1. ALeena

    Very impresive adil. U seem to be more better in poetry than articles. But i cant regret the fact that ur manner of expressing the details are worth appreciating. Keep it up !

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