Thank you The Pakistani Spectator!

I’m elated and at the same time thankful to TPS for considering me for that interview which might prove to be a step in my anticipated heights.

You can read it here. Do respond about it fellas! Because I do need your comments for improvement and of course some encouragement.


4 thoughts on “Thank you The Pakistani Spectator!

  1. It was really really nice to read ur interview, and im sorry for ur dad.. May his soul rest in peace inshallah…m sure he would b really happy up there to see u progressing 🙂

    n yeah just wanna say that evryone is unique in its Own way and so r U
    keep writting,

  2. 1. Thanx Nikki, for your prayers and sympathy … yes you’re right, dad would surely be proud of that … anyways all this is part of the stage called life…

    2. Thank you xunz … for liking the interview and poetry …

  3. This is the comment I left on your nice interview:

    What a nice interview.
    Aadil’s answers were crisp and thoughtful like his poetry..

    I have liked his poetry – the talent he displays in weaving thoughts into beautiful words and then also translating them for the wide variety of readers..

    And this has nothing to do with the fact that he has included me in his fav list – lol

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