They’re going for it!

It happened exactly what I was expecting from this bunch of political morons who so pretend to be the saviours of the nation taking on the memory of a population in millions who suffered at their hands more than once in the past. I’m refering to the last evening’s decision or indecision rather, of an extensive meeting of APDM to decided their course of action for the upcoming contentious elections.Photo coutesy,

The seven hours long meeting resulted in what a common observer of the pakistani politics could expect; a split sheet where everybody moved in its own direction. The initial talk of bycott on part of the PML(N) was dismissed by the party’s senior leader Raja Zafarul Haq on the pretence that the field shouldn’t be left empty. A sound reason of course, keeping in view their lust for grabbing power and their previous statements of standing by the discarded judges notwithstanding. Some other parties like ANP and JUP(S) along with a few more smaller ones have also vowed to take part in the elections and not to let any chance of getting some booty out of the national polity being prepared for slaughter.

Who the hell would let such a chance slip after waiting so many years out of the power alleys and that too in the foreign lands in case of Miss Benazir Bhutto and even that Mr. Fazl-ur-Rehman enjoyed the helm at NWFP apart from a vieled relationship with the millitiray dictator in the center, bycott is too risky a business to indulge in.

Ever since the state of marial law has been imposed there has been this unprecedented movement on part of our civil society, students, laywers and journalists for the restoration of the constitution and rule of law. People stood for reinstation of the deposed judges. Those who refused to take oath under the PCO were thought as national heroes and are still considered the men of pride who resented the orders of dicatation of part of a millitiray tyrant.Those were the times when people looked towards the political parties who could be better off in organising mass movements against a national cause but to every patriotic Pakistani’s utter disappointment they largely refused to do so courtesy eyeing on the governmental alleys in Islamabad. There have been a few exceptions like Imran Khan’s Tehrik-e-Insaaf who right from the word go condemned in strongest possibles ways the deposition of the sitting judges, terming the elections illegal and vowing not to take part in the dummy elections. Jamaat-e-Islami, to this day has also reiterated its stance to bycott the general elections on the condition of the reinstation of the sacked judiciary.

What all these days has seen is an inaction on part of our political parties to stand by the larger will of the people. They have severely disappointed not only the civil society but those who’ve tried to set an example by standing to protect that very constitution which our incompetent politicians cite aiming at achieving their personal agendas. It was a time for all of us to gauge the worth of our political leadership. To decipher who amongst them can sacrifice their lust for power for a greater national cuase; the independence of judiciary. We’ve largely been thrown into gloom. Yet there are some silver linings.


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