The year 2007, its better go now!

The year 2007 is about to depart as I can witness the Sun of December the 31st outside my room’s window pan drifting slowly and gradually towards the west where it will set for one last time a few moments later. Like every year it is still a mystery for me where this one too will go but unlike so many of them 2007 brought with it some events which were gigantic in its magnitude and which of course had the potential to affect the very existence of Pakistan.

Most of the events occured in Pakistani body politic were unprecedented in its overall history like the one on March 9th when President Musharraf suspended the chief justice of Pakistan Mr. Iftikhar Chaudhry blaming the latter of misconduct. The presidential decision triggered a country-wide protest by the lawyers, civil society and political parties for the reinstation of the deposed chief justice. Prominent lawyers like Aitzaz Ahsan, Munir.A.Malik and Hamid Khan were at the forefront of the campaign. They were able to lead a campaign which was participated by hundreds of thousands of people supported by online campaigns by the prominent Pakistani bloggers. Amid the judicial crisis, the law and order situation at the very capital were worsening up courtesy the angry duo of Maulana Abdur-Rashid and Abdul Aziz of the Lal Masjid who’d increased their activities in their demands for the imposition Sharia in the country. As often has been the case with Musharraf regime, the government decided to silent the voices from Lal masjid with a millitiary operation started on July 10th and which culminated with the annihilation of the mosque where more than 105 people were killed including Ghazi Abdur Rashid and hundreds of male and female students sheltering in the mosque. The senior cleric Abdul Aziz was caught fleeing in a ‘burqa’ which he termed was a result of a governmental conspiracy against him. Sentiments of the masses were wounded by the millitiary operation besides there started a series of suicide attacks in the federal capital along with a few other cities. Amid the gloom of chaose and turmoil a larger bench of the supereme court gave this historical verdict of the reinstation of the chief justice on July 20. The decision was a current of fresh air for all of those who suffered at the hands of a cruel millitiary regime and a severe blow for the credibility of the ruling junta. Optimists termed the verdict as the most important in the history of the nation and a general sense of pride prevailed in the masses. Rumors were spreading among the masses about a possible deal between Musharraf and Ms. Bhutto for a political alliance which were initially negated by both the parties but which became an open secret courtesy its exposition by the media. Another exhiled former premier Nawaz Sharif was arrested on Islamabad airport and was returned to Saudi Arabia from where he flew home encouraged by some favorable remarks of the supereme court. October 02, an ordinance called National Reconciliation Ordinance was promulgated by the government clearing all the politically motivated charges against national politicians in the past. Some thought the ordinance to be an effort on part of the regime to accept in its fold the former prime minister Ms. Benazir Bhutto who had been facing some serious charges of curruption and misconduct. In the meanwhile a pretentious presidential election ensured a term of next five years as president for Mr. Musharraf. The NRO encouraged Ms. Bhutto to land at the Karachi airport on October 19th with an ocean of her supporters welcoming her. There was an attempt to kill Benazir while she was proceeding towards Mazare-Quaid. She escaped while hundreds of people were killed in the brutal attack. Musharraf’s presidency were challenged and supereme court decided to reivestigate the whole process of his election. There were inside news that supereme court might come up with a decision against Musharraf presidency but a state of emergency was imposed on 3rd November which some argued was a state of martial law in fact. The sitting judges who declined to take oath under the PCO were sent home besides all the leading Private TV channels were banned and newspapers were regulated through a PEMRA regulation. There was a mass upsurge against the emergency ordinance and people from all walks of life came out on the streets to demand for its repulsion. The regime came down hard on all the voices of dessent. Jails were filling up not of criminals but of those who raised their voices for the rule of law. Amid the gloom and doom parliament completes its term of five years and a caretaker government was sworn in with the anoucement of the date of general elections; January the 8th. And in a strange twist of events Nawaz Sharif was allowed to come back home which he did on November 25th. General Ashfaq Kiyani was appointed as the new COA when Musharraf finally gave up his controvercial designation of the army chief. The state of emergency was lifted on 15th of December with a gradual easing of curbs on media. The political scene in the country was gathering momentum with both the political giants, the PPP and the PML(N) participating passionately to thwart the governmental favorite PML(Q) which was equally helped by the state sponsored PTV. Imran Khan’s Tehrik-e-Insaaf and Jamaat-e-Islami with a few other smaller parties bycotted the elections terming it illegal and biased especially in the presence of a dummy judiciary. Events were happening too quickly for one to keep track of all of them but what happened in the culminating days of the year will keep one wonder how could it be possible. It was December the 27th when Ms. Benazir Bhutto was assasinated after addressing a multitude of people in Liaqat Bagh at Rawalpindi. She was shot dead in a highly calculated manner along with a suicidal attack. The news was shocking as well as mournful which triggered chaos all around the country. People throughout the country reacted to the news with anger and agitation. Governmental and public property was damaged. Hundreds of cars were burnt, banks looted, and shops ransaked. There were reports of human loss as well.

All in all 2007 was a year which dented the image of Pakistan throughout the world to a fair extent. Law and order was non existent and an atmosphere of fear among the masses prevailed throughout most of the year. And the way it was culminated; its better go now.

(Let’s pray for tomorrow. May the year of 2008 bring us stability, peace and prosperity and may it be a year of rewards for all the sacrifices that we rendered as a nation in 2007)

A very Happy New Year to all of you out there!

Let’s fight this phase!

A series of turmoil,
Has gripped our soil,
How long will we toil!
For stability.

Another blast,
Have cast,
A spell of grief,
Yearning for relief,
Are my fellow beings.

Bomb after bomb,
Have caused to succumb,
One after one,
A daughter or a son,
Of my dear homeland,
To the hands of death.

A leader of the nation,
Killed in this fashion,
Is wrenching our hearts,
Let’s not be a part,
Of the enemies of the land,
Let’s join hands,
For a process of redemption,
Let’s fight this phase of desctruction.

In The Company Of Your Thoughts!

When the wings of night are spread,
And the sky wears the color black,
Your thoughts creep smilingly,
Unto my mind, my heart, my lap.

I cherish the moments in the night bleak,
When the world’s busy having sleep,
I’m taken on a journey of exaltation,
By the company of your thoughts,
Profound and deep.

Your walk, your talk, your gaze,
Your smile, your guile, your face,
When combined are a force,
Quite hard to negate.

What! if I’m deprived,
Of your presence in the living universe,
I gratefully take,
The moments past the dying sun,
When you’re deeply remembered,
And matters of the world to shun.

Give me a nod!

I’ll let the birds of sorrow,
Fly high into the wide bosom,
Of the eagerly waiting sky,
Give me a nod,
Just let me breath.

This heart’s become a cage,
Where every single of my desires,
Is feeling to suffocate,
craving for the way,
Yearning for the night to be a day.

When you’ve got the power,
To control the seasons,
Of the dark chamber called my heart,
For the sake of my love!
Just let the birds to go,
And fly it above.

Make it happen, the reunion,
Of the blue with the sillhouettes,
Of the fluttering wings,
And let it viberate,
My heart’s static strings.

They’re going for it!

It happened exactly what I was expecting from this bunch of political morons who so pretend to be the saviours of the nation taking on the memory of a population in millions who suffered at their hands more than once in the past. I’m refering to the last evening’s decision or indecision rather, of an extensive meeting of APDM to decided their course of action for the upcoming contentious elections.Photo coutesy,

The seven hours long meeting resulted in what a common observer of the pakistani politics could expect; a split sheet where everybody moved in its own direction. The initial talk of bycott on part of the PML(N) was dismissed by the party’s senior leader Raja Zafarul Haq on the pretence that the field shouldn’t be left empty. A sound reason of course, keeping in view their lust for grabbing power and their previous statements of standing by the discarded judges notwithstanding. Some other parties like ANP and JUP(S) along with a few more smaller ones have also vowed to take part in the elections and not to let any chance of getting some booty out of the national polity being prepared for slaughter.

Who the hell would let such a chance slip after waiting so many years out of the power alleys and that too in the foreign lands in case of Miss Benazir Bhutto and even that Mr. Fazl-ur-Rehman enjoyed the helm at NWFP apart from a vieled relationship with the millitiray dictator in the center, bycott is too risky a business to indulge in.

Ever since the state of marial law has been imposed there has been this unprecedented movement on part of our civil society, students, laywers and journalists for the restoration of the constitution and rule of law. People stood for reinstation of the deposed judges. Those who refused to take oath under the PCO were thought as national heroes and are still considered the men of pride who resented the orders of dicatation of part of a millitiray tyrant.Those were the times when people looked towards the political parties who could be better off in organising mass movements against a national cause but to every patriotic Pakistani’s utter disappointment they largely refused to do so courtesy eyeing on the governmental alleys in Islamabad. There have been a few exceptions like Imran Khan’s Tehrik-e-Insaaf who right from the word go condemned in strongest possibles ways the deposition of the sitting judges, terming the elections illegal and vowing not to take part in the dummy elections. Jamaat-e-Islami, to this day has also reiterated its stance to bycott the general elections on the condition of the reinstation of the sacked judiciary.

What all these days has seen is an inaction on part of our political parties to stand by the larger will of the people. They have severely disappointed not only the civil society but those who’ve tried to set an example by standing to protect that very constitution which our incompetent politicians cite aiming at achieving their personal agendas. It was a time for all of us to gauge the worth of our political leadership. To decipher who amongst them can sacrifice their lust for power for a greater national cuase; the independence of judiciary. We’ve largely been thrown into gloom. Yet there are some silver linings.

Meri Baad-e-Saba II

Yeh taro’n bhara aasma’n,
Chandni mai’n nihayee hui kehksha’n,
Gungunati hui naddia’n,
Paharho’n ki aaghosh may badlian,
Sab hai’n dilkash,
Meri bad-e-saba sab se pehlay!
Tumhari ye sargoshia’n sab say pehlay,
Jo meri khiza’n say bhari zindagi mai’n,
Ajab si khushi, zindagi kay shagoofay,
Khila si rahi hain,
Udasi, jo pehlay meri rooh o jaan mai’n,
Hamesha say dheray jamayee hui thi,
Teri sarsarahat ko sun kar,
Kisi door kay des may ja basi hay,
Nigahai’n meri roshni say munawwar hui hai’n,
Yeh dunya hasee’n hay,
Musarrat bhara sara alam,
Meri bad-e-saba sab say pehlay!


The stars filled sky,

The galaxy bathed in the moonlight,

The humming streams of water,

And the clusters of clouds filling,

The bosoms of mountains,

All are breath taking,

But my morn’s breeze stands out!

Your whispers are beautiful,

Which are causing to bloom,

The buds of merry,

In my life otherwise full of autumn leaves.

Sorrows, that inhibited my life,

From eternity,

Are leaving for a place far and further,

Upon sensing your arrival,

And my eyes are radiant with your light.

The life’s beautiful,

And the world’s full of joy,

But my morn’s breeze stands out!