The first winter rain!

It was long overdue,
As the dry spell prevailed,
Over the atmosphere causing us,

Dryness, Cold and Flu.

The cold mesmerising winds preceded it,
As the dark clusters covered the sky plain,
It was a moment of joyful merry,
To meet the drops of the first winter rain.

The beauty that resides around us,
By divine drops has been unvieled,
For the joyeous glimpses of the nature,
Till then by the dust had been concealed.


5 thoughts on “The first winter rain!

  1. Aadil, many thanks for stopping by at the Pak Tea House
    Indeed, you are welcome each time you come – do contribute pieces and poems when you can


  2. Hello ,
    I hope you are fine and carrying on the great work you have been doing for the Pakistani side of WWW. I am Ghazala Khan from The Paksitani Spectator (TPS), We at TPS throw a candid look on everything happening in and for Pakistan. We are trying to contribute our humble share in the blogistan.

    We at TPS are carrying out a new series of interviews with the notable Pakistani bloggers. In that regard, we would like to interview you, if you dont mind. Please send me your approval for your interview at pak.spectator at, so that I could send you the questions. We would be extremely grateful. We have done many interviews with many bloggers from Pakistan like Dr. Awab, Kashif Aziz, Fahd Mirza and host of others.


    Ghazala Khan
    The Pakistani Spectator

  3. nice, impressive..
    I am so unlucky because I am missing these rains. Winter nights, rain, a cup of tea and I was looking outside from the window. Raely misssing………….

  4. 1. RR, I’m extremely thankful for your response and will be more than delighted to be able to contribute something worth considering on your part. I will take pride in contributing whatever you can choose out of my blog.


    2. Hello Ms. Ghazala, Thanx a lot for considering me to be interviewed for that particular series. I’m happy to be counted among those who are promoting Pakistan on world wide web for all the good reasons and I’m definetly going to email you in order to receive your questions.


    3. And yes Murtaza! It was really a great feeling to meet the first rain of the winter coz we were craving for it for so long. Do enjoy wherever you are!

    Go well!

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