Contrasting Thoughts

The knots in my mind,
Created by your absence,
Are keeping me blind,
So, where would I find?
Someone like you,
With the eyes blacked out,
And the mind numbed,
Yes, I have to admit,
That I’ve succumbed,
To the void caused,
When you’ve gone away.

When spring can cause,
The unappralled flowers to bloom,
Just how could I not wait for you,
To come change my despare into boom,
You are somewhere around!
Calls my optimism!
And my senses have started to feel,
The knots in my mind,
Suddenly untying,
And my eyes which were oblivious to light,
Are opening into the new worlds,
Of wonderful colors,
It’s about to dawn!
Yes! calls my optimism!


3 thoughts on “Contrasting Thoughts

  1. Thanx dude, for visiting me blog and liking the poem as well…I tell you what, I’m not an optimist at all, rather a born pessimist, but wanting to be the one I sometimes consciously think about the brighter sides of things. At the same time I do believe one ought to be a realist with a balanced outlook of things.

    Go well!

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