Hope! Watan mera udaas hay!

We are living probably in the worst times ever seen by this country as there is martial law, non existent judiciary, internal wars, external pressures, blacked out media and silenced voices of freedom and human rights. Yet, there is an unprecedented vigour amongst members of the civil society and passion among youngsters of the nation to struggle for the restoration of their snatched rights. Being at the lowest ebb, there is this unique sense of committment on part of an ordinary Pakistani to contribute positively towards helping the national ship out of the troubled waters. The poems below is dedicated to all of those who are sacrificing in one way or ther other, for releaving the nation from the clutches of the millitiary rule and for a truly democratic Pakistan.

Bhalay Dino’n ki aas hay!

Yeh jabr ki faseel jo,
Kharhi hui hay chaar soo,
Yeh zulm ki kahania’n,
Jo meray aas paas hai’n,
Tho kya hua?
Hamari rooh-o-jaan may,
Bhalay dino’n ki aas hay,
Watan mera udaas hay.
Watan pay raaj kar rahi hay teergi,
Yeh teergi,
Jo roshni ki aik hi kiran,
Ko dekh kar hi apna khatma,
Woh roshni,
Hamaray aas paas hay,
Awaam ka jo zoor hay,
Yeh waqt ka jo shoor hay,
Jamhooriat ki aor hay,
Yeh jabr ki faseel ab,
Gira keh hi rahaingay hum,
kahania’n yeh zulm ki,
Mita keh hi rahaingay hum,
Hamari rooh-o-jaan may,
Bhalay dino’n ki aas hay,
Watan mera udaas hay…
Watan mera udaas hay…


The walls of cruelty,
Standing all around us,
The stories of brutality,
Which are being played,
In our vicinities,
Are nothing!
As there resides a hope,
In our bodies and souls,
Of the better days to come,
Yes, my land is saddened,
By the ruling gloom,
The gloom!
We are sure will be doomed!
By seeing even a slightest,
Of the rays of light,
The light!
Is somewhere amongst us.
People; the powerful,
And time; the clamorous,
Are heading towards democracy,
The walls of cruelty,
Will be fallen down,
And the stories of brutality,
Will be wiped,
By us,
As there resides a hope,
In our bodies and souls,
Of the better days to come.



4 thoughts on “Hope! Watan mera udaas hay!

  1. Beside of this depression i think we are in a trial and i am glad on the same time some classes in our society are spirtual live so that they have taken the ownership to save the national ship, i am today more optimistic abo;ut the glorious future of my motherland than yesterday. I am thankful to the joudiciary, lawyers, civil society and some politician like Imran Khan who deliever the message to the nation “WE ARE STILL LIVE”. Dear please support them practically as u can as possible and educate about this to all people whome you know. welldone

  2. Dear AAdil ,A very specific poem to the situation but I sometime feel that it makes no odd whether we are under marshal law or democracy particularly now because we were ruled by Mushaff and will be ruled by him .If one recall one’s past experiances it could be finally concluded that we as a common folk has nothing to do with these issues but we have batter stay cool. We shouldn’t embark it on our own lives.
    why i feel it so because I can see light at the end of the tunal. I would wish to share that with you sooner

    Thank you very much for your gr8 ideas which inspire me a lot
    keep it up

  3. Thanx Murtaza! I share your optimism and I do appreciate the components of our society which are striving to make a difference and yes, I’d love to do something practical and am trying to explore the venues where I can be a part of something practical.
    And Wasim! don’t alienate yourself from the situation buddy! everyone of us is affected by the situation one way or the other and we shouldn’t be mare spectators to the realities in hand. Its time to make it sure that we aren’t a DEAD nation. Thanx for liking the ideas!
    MB, I’m pleased to have gotten your attention cos you are definetly someone to be inspire with. Thanx a alot!

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