Seeking redemption…

A thousand times I wished
To have a whole hearted gaze upon thee
And in a blink of an eye
To transform my heart from gloom to glee
I craved it too
To pour the words of romance
Into the pond of your heart
And make it stirr into life; make it dance
Amid desires of mine, amid sighs
You dawned upon the dark alleys of my life
You shone, in your light I found a whole new me
But there were disaster or two
Before I could realize
You left for the reason unknown
Like the Sun sets in the dark
I wished you to be the Sun
To my utter misery, it wasn’t to be
A void was made for eternity
The abysmal void is inflicting
Cruelty upon me
Now I long for you to reappear
Like the Sun after a night, dark
For the process of my evolution has stopped
And I seek redemption in a new start


6 thoughts on “Seeking redemption…

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  2. Thanx liyana! I hope so too…
    And Thank you very much Raza! I’ll love to share with you people anything worth sharing courtesy my my search for improvement and of course, exposure …

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