Whose hand is it??

As the bloody jaws of terror have englufed Pakistan leaving every sensible citizen of Pakistan awestruck with the severity of its damage to the very foundations of Pakistan’s security, it is high time we recognized the hands behind the heinous acts of terrorism we are coming across at a frequency quite fast, so that to find the course of our future keeping in view the threats internal and external. Below is a poem by Yusuf Abbasi which I came across in his book tited ‘ The Roses Bleed ‘ written back in 1990 but which is qutie relevent to the  current security situation in Pakistan.

Whose hands is it?

Plunging the dagger

Deep into the heart

Of my present joys

And dripping blood

On my paths of future.

Whose hand is it?

Pulling the trigger

Mowing down the youth

Into heaps of autumn leaves.

Whose hand is it?

Setting the torch

To thatched Jhuggies 

Of frenzied women

And dazed children.

Whose hand is it?

Whose face is it?

His, yours or mine image

Or an awsome alein visage

Or, all contorted together

Into a faceless terror

Tearing out the sun at noon

And drowning my world

In a darkness

From horizon to horizon.

Who is it?

Would someone dare say!

But truth has a price

No less than freedom.

Is there no Hallaj?

To pour out his heart

In love and truth

And save this land.


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